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I Have A Question For Google And Twitter

I have a question about “the Russians” trying to overturn our “democracy” by posting fake news on websites – as leftists and the liberal fake news media claim they did in 2016.

“By now, we know these fake accounts helped influence the latest U.S. presidential election. Automated bot accounts made up 18 percent of Twitter’s traffic related to the 2016 election, according to researchers, and these bots overwhelmingly pushed messages in favor of now President Donald Trump. At least a third of pro-Trump tweets during the election came from bots, and half of Trump’s most engaged Twitter followers are bots.”

The above quote from this leftist web site makes a bold, false, statement about Russians stealing the 2016 election. Obviously, this piece of fake news is designed to give aid and comfort to crestfallen liberals who saw Hillary defeat herself in a no-lose election.

But Breitbart’s recent one hour long posting of a video of a Google company meeting where they mourn the loss of partial control of what was to be the next Clinton regime brings up an obvious question.

If the Google monopoly, run by the smartest people on Earth, who do not shy away from wearing silly beanie propeller hats to work, did all they could to help Hillary win the presidential election, why did they not stop the Russian bots?

Google’s ruthless, leftist, monopoly ferrets out conservatives to shadowban with all kinds of insider tricks but could not stop Russian bots?

And Twitter. Eighteen percent of their traffic was Russian bots and they took no action?

What a puzzle.