Executive Council District 4: “I don’t need to do anything to win because I’m Ted Gatsas!” - Part 2 - Granite Grok

Executive Council District 4: “I don’t need to do anything to win because I’m Ted Gatsas!” – Part 2


Previous post on Ted Gatsas insularity here.  I say that because it turns out that I haven’t been the only one trying to reach out to their campaign to arrange a debate between him and Jane Cormier.  Same result – no answers or blow offs.  You’d think that the Gatsas campaign, with all of his experience as a former NH State Senator, a former Manchester Mayor, and a former Republican candidate for Governor, he would be enthusiastic to show his expertise.  C’est la – I guess it isn’t to be.  The silence is deafening.

In my last post, I posited ““what can you do for Ted instead of what Ted will do for you”. Well, that may be true as his website as I said before, is rather slim of details.  How slim, you might ask? Let’s look at the front page of his website, shall we?

Ted Gatsas Front Page

Minimalist – and for some websites, that works.  This?  For those voters in NH Executive Council District 4, not so much.  There’s a donate button – there’s a reason why the phrase “money is the mother’s milk of politics” and politicians do love them some political milk, don’t they? And if those voters do click on that yellow DONATE button in the upper right hand corner, what do you get?  This:

Ted Gatsas DONATE

A sign that the Gatsas campaign isn’t keeping a lot of events fresh – this fundraiser (the arrow pointing to the Left) is from early June. Now, either they aren’t doing much or, oh boy, they raised a BOATLOAD of $$$ – just look at the high amount of $2,500 for a plate at the table for Ted Gatsas.  That’s a lot of money if that was the only fundraiser – when compared to Jane Cormier, this is like 1% money bags time.  So, you can do something for Ted.

Back to the Front Page (above).  There’s that DONATE button. Then there’s a VOLUNTEER button – do something for Ted.  There’s also a STAY CONNECTED button – let’s also be honest here in that this is a way for people to give their email addresses to a politician.  Sure, they may keep you informed but you still have to give them something VERY valuable – your email address.  Trust me, just sending you an email now and then is not the only reason they want it.  They can boast about their email address size, and they can give it away or, back to Mom’s milk, SELL it.  They’ll keep it and for a lot longer than for this campaign.  How many addresses have been recycled over and over again by the Gatsas campaigns (State Senate, Mayoral, Governor) for this race?

The fact is, you don’t know how it is to be used either now or in the future.

Or for that matter – the past.  When you click on “BECOME A VOLUNTEER” it brings you so an email entry page. Standard stuff on it and I’ll get back to it in another post.  What caught my eye was this on that page (I’ve saved it off) – emphasis mine:


Yeah – a wet snap of a towel. Ted Gatsas is running for NH Executive Council District 4; while it does have Manchester (the State’s most populist city) in it, there are others.  Now, you wouldn’t know that by ONLY going to Ted Gatsas’s site – no mention of what towns are also in that District.

So let me go to his rival’s, Jane Cormier, site.  She thinks enough of voters in that District to actually list ALL of the towns (and City) in the District:

She is currently seeking your vote for Executive Council District 4 which includes Allenstown, Auburn, Barrington, Bedford, Bow, Candia, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Goffstown, Hooksett, Lee, Londonderry, Loudon, Manchester, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, and Pittsfield.

Nineteen in all – Ted Gatsas is only interested in one: Manchester.  So, all you that live in the other 18 towns, how does it feel to be unimportant to the guy that wants you to do something for him?

You know, a website is a very personal thing.  I’ve always wanted GraniteGrok to be the best I could afford and we’ve all striven to give you the best content we could – from heavy duty opinions to humorous (or strange) Palate Cleansers.  You want to know about us?  We tell you who we are and how to get ahold of us.

It’s called Transparency – a discipline that has nothing to do with a website.  We’re open – again, an attribute that is above running a website that reaches out to readers. It is who we are.

I’ll be opining about Ted Gatsas’s website in the next few posts but I will leave you with this:

If he only wants to hear from  Manchester voters, how open and transparent (and supportive) will he be to the rest of you?  Will he even listen?  Think of it this way – his political website can be viewed as a window into his political soul.  Go ahead and answer my question: “where’s the door”?  Heck, even a window to peer into what he thinks would be nice.

Not there that I can see and I’ve crawled all over it. I’m still of the opinion that it is still:

“what can you do for Ted instead of what Ted will do for you”

Because he isn’t telling you.  And if he isn’t willing to tell you, what is your answer to this question: “Can I not worry about how he will vote because I don’t know what he stands for?

To be continued…