Executive Council District 4: "I don't need to do anything to win because I'm Ted Gatsas!" - Granite Grok

Executive Council District 4: “I don’t need to do anything to win because I’m Ted Gatsas!”

That seems to be it: throw a bunch of high priced plate fundraisers and an empty website.  Do YOU know what Ted Gatsas is for or against if you didn’t happen to watch a snippet on WMUR?  Can you find out what ANY of his stances are? Methinks it’s a case of snobbery – “I’m Ted Gatsas – just vote for me”.

As loyal readers know, GraniteGrok is moving to the next level and starting to do things in real space rather than just online.  Readership meetups is one avenue but we are trying to also do debates especially for those down ticket races that the regular media (e.g., WMUR, UL, Concord Monitor, et al) won’t bother with.  Governor, Congressional (and later, Senatorial) are the only levels they’ll really cover.  Not us – we already have two debates scheduled for next week (in Hollis and Windham for NH House Primary races) and I’ve been trying for a third: Executive Council.

That would be the Ted Gatsas vs Jane Cormier race in District 4 for the Executive Council.  Yes, we’ve posted up a bunch about Jane – because she just shows up and makes herself available.  Ted Gatsas?  Well, he’s blown us off multiple times – I’ve:

  • I’ve used their “contact email page” a number of times.
  • I’ve called the campaign number a number of times.

Nada, nein, neits, nic, rien; nothing.  No return calls to the voice mails I left. No responses to the “contact emails” I left.  All polite and to the point.  Properly identified myself.

Sidenote: Yeah, I found the campaign phone number on a completely different site – left over from his mayoral run. Go ahead, go to his website and look at the paucity of ways to reach him. There’s no phone number, there’s no email address.  In fact, a whole lotta nuttin’, honey.

It seems like its almost a case of:

“what can you do for Ted instead of what Ted will do for you”

I made it clear that GraniteGrok wanted to sponsor a debate between the two – we’d get the place, we’d set it up, we’d pay for it, we’d provide the equipment, and we’d livestream it.  Citizen Journalism at its best. And we’d be asking the questions that you, our readers, want to know the answers to; we’ve interviewed hundreds of people over the years: fairly, on topic, not trying to do the “gotcha” questions because those don’t give answer that our readers care about or want to know about.  We don’t do this for us (like many journalists do to “climb the ranks” – we do this because we live and are active here.  We take this stuff personally because politics affects us and our families – just like you and yours.

Apparently, Ted Gatsas thinks he can get away with nada/nein, neits, nic, rien – nothing at all because TED!

There’s more to this story – tune in tomorrow.