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Election Day: Cornerstone Action PACs endorsements

Today, September 11, is Primary Day!
Here are Cornerstone Action PAC’s endorsements for your consideration as you head to the polls!

Cornerstone Action PAC endorses the following candidates for state-level offices.

Each of these candidates has a contested primary race. Endorsements are based on high scores on the Cornerstone candidate survey, on voting records, and on consistency between surveys and votesThe Cornerstone Action PAC is non-partisan and evaluates candidates without regard to party affiliation. Candidate party affiliation is noted below.

For more information about incumbent candidates running for re-election, see Cornerstone’s 2017-18 Voter Scorecard. Incumbent candidates are noted below with an asterisk (*).

Executive Council:

  • District 1: Joe Kenney (R)
  • District 4: Jane Cormier (R)

State Senate:

  • State Senate District 3: Steven Steiner (R)
  • State Senate District 12: Kevin Avard* (R)

For New Hampshire House:

  • Belknap County district 2 (Gilford, Meredith): Jonathan Mackie (R)
  • Cheshire County district 2 (Alstead, Marlow, Surry): Anne Cartwright (R)
  • Grafton County district 9 (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton): Vincent Paul Migliore* (R)
  • Grafton County district 15 (Bath, Benton, Easton, Landaff, Orford, Piermont, Warren, Haverhill): Rebecca Bailey (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 2 (Deering, Weare): Gary Hopper* (R), J.P. Marzullo (R), and David Recupero (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 6 (Goffstown): Fred Plett (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 7 (Bedford): Linda Rea Camarota (R), Bart Fromuth* (R), David Danielson* (R), Linda Gould* (R), Michael Trento (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 11 (Manchester ward 4): Jean Mathieu (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 20 (Litchfield): Ralph Boehm (R) and Richard Lascelles* (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 22 (Amherst): Jason Hennessey (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 27 (Hollis): Donna Levasseur (R)
  • Hillsborough County district 44 (Manchester wards 8 & 9, Litchfield): Mark McLean* (R)
  • Merrimack County district 8 (Boscawen): Tim Vendt (R)
  • Merrimack county district 23 (Bow, Dunbarton): Richard Johnson (R), Phil Kwiatkowski (R)
  • Rockingham County district 2 (Candia, Deerfield, Nottingham): Katrina Langlois, James Spillane*, Kevin Verville*
  • Rockingham County district 4 (Auburn, Chester, Sandown): David Smiley (R), Chris True* (R)
  • Rockingham County district 6 (Derry): Anne Copp (write-in candidate, R), David Love (R), Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R), John O’Connor* (R)
  • Rockingham County district 7 (Windham): Walter Kolodziej* (R)
  • Rockingham County district 8 (Salem): Patrick Bick (R), John Sytek* (R)
  • Rockingham County district 11 (Brentwood): Allen Cook* (R)
  • Rockingham County district 15 (Newton): James Summers (R)
  • Rockingham County district 34 (Hampstead, Kingston, Atkinson, Plaistow): Mark Pearson* (R), Bill Smith (R): one seat, with two strong candidates.

This list can also be found on the newly launched Cornerstone Action PAC website. Please share with your family and friends.


Our Vision: Cornerstone Action PAC is dedicated to a New Hampshire where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.