Democratic David Coursin’s 12-Step Recovery Plan…for recovering YOUR gun

H/T Northwood NH Conservative

**Attention All Law Abiding Gun Owners**

Do you want to register your firearms with the government ?
Do you want NH Constitutional Carry repealed?
Do you want a waiting period on all firearms purchases?
Do you want to stop all reciprocity carry agreements between states?
Do you want credit card companies to limit your ability to purchase firearms or accessories? ……..I don’t!

These are only a portion of a 12-step plan to infringe upon your second amendment rights. This 12-step plan was devised by David Coursin and will be implemented by David Coursin if he is elected to be Northwood State Rep.

You can read his whole plan in its entirety in his Concord Monitor article titled “David Coursin: Let The NRA Feel Our Strength”.

Other anti gun “must reads” by David Coursin found in the Concord Monitor include “David Coursin: Nobody Can See Through The NRA’s Blindfold” and “David Coursin: Let’s Redefine What It Means To Be Pro-Gun”.

A reminder to David Coursin …..the NRA is the largest gun safety organization in the world and it’s comprised of LAW-ABIDING gun owners, some of which are right here in Northwood.

This guy seems to have been suffering from hoplophobia for a while…his “12-step plan” actually came out this past March; #9 seems particularly well thought out.

1) Stop the sale of any accessory that creates a de-facto automatic weapon.

2) Stop the sale of any semi-automatic weapon to anyone under 21.

3) Restore concealed carry permits obtained through local police departments.

4) Stop reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other states.

5) Pass state laws prohibiting open carry anywhere near public schools, hospitals and polling places.

6) Repeal state laws that stop state agencies from reporting fully and accurately to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NICS.

7) Fund the federal and state costs of providing accurate, timely reports to the NICS.

8) Require an NICS determination and a waiting period for all gun sales, wherever they occur.

9) Ask all owners of semi-automatic guns of any kind to register them in a public registry as an act of civic pride and support for the safety of our public spaces and institutions.

10) Fund early childhood services that can identify children at risk for dangerous acting out in the future and provide preventive measures to reduce that risk.

11) Contact credit card companies and banks to encourage them to limit the use of their services for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons or accessories like bump stocks.

12) Donate to organizations working for more sensible gun ownership: the Brady Campaign, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords Law Center, March for Our Lives, Moms Demand Action, to name a few.

If you think he’s just a little extreme, you can find him here: @DrDavidCoursin and here: