Before You Raise My Taxes, Do You Take any Deductions? - Granite Grok

Before You Raise My Taxes, Do You Take any Deductions?

One of the highest forms of participation in society for the left is the obligation to pay taxes. It’s patriotic, it’s civic-minded, it’s all kinds of things, but most importantly it is a moral obligation.

And the left always wants everyone to give more because frankly there is no ceiling on how big their government can get or home mush it needs. So, you’ll hear all sorts of explanations for why we need more taxes or higher taxes. But before you let them off the hook ask that Democrat a few questions.

1. Do you pay taxes?

You have to ask that because a lot of them don’t. And they have been known to skirt them, pay them late, but even if they are trying to avoid them contrary to their dogma you can almost guarantee that they will answer yes to that question.

2. Did you take any deductions?

They may begin to suspect that something is up at this point but if you get lucky and they just say yes, ask them why?

If paying taxes is the highest moral good because government is infinitely more capable of making spending decisions with our money than we are why did you deny it the maximum opportunity to perform that greater good?

Are you suggesting that there is a limit to the amount of other people’s money to which the government should have access or are you carving out exceptions for yourself?

And if they say something like, well I’d like to eliminate some of these deductions for the rich, big business, blah blah blah, ask why they aren’t setting an example by eschewing deductions altogether?

Why isn’t it hypocritical of you to take deductions while claiming others have no right to them?

If you are taking deductions, doesn’t that suggest that the taxes are too high because if they were not then, you’d be giving the full amount?

If and when you raise taxes will continue to take deductions?

I think you see where I’m going and I believe you are all more than capable of taking this thread to its logical conclusion. Democrats believe that the government spending other people’s money is for the greater good.

And by “other people’s money” they mean other people.