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Another Unemployment Number Hits an Historic Low

Mr. Trump’s economy continues to make history. Black unemployment hit a historic low in May. Hispanic unemployment hit a historic low in June. Now, the Bureau of labor statistics says that Youth summer-unemployment hit a 52-year low in July, 2018.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday that the unemployment rate for 16 to 24 year olds had dropped to 9.2% in July, from 9.6% in July of 2018. That marks the lowest summer youth unemployment rate since 1966.

The Hate-Trump media is leaning heavily on one caveat, but in my opinion, that’s not going to work in their Trump-hating favor.

The “reason” why these numbers are not as wonderful as Mr. Trump or others (like, me for example) think is because,

The unemployment rate measures only those who are actively looking for work, but can’t find it, excluding anyone not actively seeking work. The percentage of youth actually looking for work, 60.6 in July, has barely budged in recent years, and remains well below historic highs. In July of 1989, according to the BLS, 77.5% of youth were in the job market.

Whose fault is that?

Some of the typical “starting wage” establishments around these parts are hiring at $12-15.00 per hour to start. Some are offering hiring and retention bonuses. They want and need 16-24 year olds to work for them.

Who is to blame when they are unwilling or unable to join the workforce?

Who is it that has or wants a monopoly on your child’s time and mind? Who is telling them capitalism (see, also work and achievement) is evil?

The Government. The Liberals. The Educrats and the public education monopoly. The Kampus Kulture Kreeps.


All three of my kids came-up through the public education system and while I’m not happy about having to drag them through that they are all out and they are all employed at least part-time. They are all working.

They work and part of what they earn goes to pay for household expenses. No exception, no exclusions. That’s our family culture. We don’t wait for the government to give us things and we don’t blame anyone but ourselves if we don’t have something. We work. We save. We do without some things to have others. And that’s all on us.

The culture has been pushing kids away from that idea for most of my life.

The liberal’s the media, entertainment, and the educrats broke the culture. Mr. Trump can’t fix that nor should he have too. That’s the job of parents and families and churches, and local communities, including school districts supervised by parents.

DC just needs to get out of the way. It’s up to everyone else to do the rest.

The low-labor force participation rate argument is not a winner for the pro-government-first-media. Don’t let them think that it is.