I hear October is a Great Month for "Surprises." - Granite Grok

I hear October is a Great Month for “Surprises.”

Elizabeth Vaughn at Freedom Outpost has a piece on the attrition at the FBI and DOJ (since the Trump investigation began), which is interesting but what caught my eye was this. She shares part of a conversation between Mark Levin and Sean Hannity in which Levin clears the decks on the question of certain security clearances and the President that handed them out. Obama.

Meanwhile — meanwhile! When these people had security clearances, what the hell did they do with them? Well, let’s take a look. The Russians interfered in our election, right? Well, who was president, who was head of the CIA, who was national security advisor, who was the head of the FBI? 

All of these people with their security clearances in position to power did nothing effective to stop the Russians from interfering in our election. They did nothing to stop China from stealing our technology. They did nothing to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. And even worse, they awarded the terrorist regime in Tehran with $150 billion, right? With $150 billion and provided them with a pathway to nuclear weapons. 

Good job, boys and girl in the Obama administration with your security clearances. The fact that Obama appointed these people and gave them security clearances, it’s not the obligation of this president to let them retain their security clearances. There is no constitutional issue. That’s just nonsense. And again, one of them is a Republican. So that makes this all OK. 

Well, indeed.

I, of course, am no Levin, nor any sort of Hannity (and I don’t even watch or listen to their shows) but I’ve expressed my thoughts on this topic here, and here.

We know that people who have these clearances leak confidential or secret government information to the press in violation of the law. And the best way to determine who those people are is to run a lengthy and sometimes complicated counter-intelligence operation that feeds them faulty intel to help identify where the leaks are coming from when those details show up in the press.

Levin is right …as soon as it becomes apparent to the Trump administration where the leaks are so they can plug them with handcuffs (if necessary) and court dates.

Leaking classified intel to the press is still against the law and far too many well-heeled denizens of the swamp keep getting away with it. The critters need to know that someone is watching and there is a price to pay. Because there are still thousands of men and women doing the job the right way who deserve that, not to mention the American people.

I can’t say when that will be but as I’ve hinted previously I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen before the second Tuesday in November.

I hear October is a great month for “surprises.”