John Brennan Loses His Security Clearance, Usual Suspects Lose Their Minds - Granite Grok

John Brennan Loses His Security Clearance, Usual Suspects Lose Their Minds

This is not surprising news to anyone but the media. Their devotion to the Trump Russia Collusion narrative (they created) makes them incapable of seeing the big picture. A picture that includes leading intelligence officials of yore who lied under oath and leaked classified intel to the press. One of them was John Brennan.

Brennan was a great choice to head Obama’s CIA because he is pompous, arrogant, and lies easily. Even under oath. Which is grounds for his clearance being revoked but that’s not why they did it.

This has been a long time coming and we should expect more revocations for reasons noted here.

We know that people who have these clearances leak confidential or secret government information to the press in violation of the law. And the best way to determine who those people are is to run a lengthy and sometimes complicated counter-intelligence operation that feeds them faulty intel to help identify where the leaks are coming from when those details show up in the press.

Details peddled as facts that later fall apart after some examination because they were planted to identify felons abusing their clearance.

Brennan is obviously at the center of the leak investigation. By revoking his clearance he’ll still have contacts inside intelligence agencies providing him with information which, when leaked, will allow the administration to trace those leaks deeper into DoJ, CIA, or the FBI.

As long as Brennan has clearance every leaker below him has cover. With that cover gone other leakers can be exposed.

That’s one theory.

I think the leak investigation already has a good idea of who else is feeding intel out to the media and it’s time to start pulling clearances so they can get to work without those particular prying eyes.

And yes, I think more Obama-Era officials will lose their clearance.

And no it has nothing to do with tyranny and everything to do with following the law. Leaking classified information is illegal and Bob Mueller can give them all immunity. And there are more than a few leaks that need to be plugged.