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Facebook Doodling – more blithering from Andy Martin, the most experienced…

More blithering from Andy Martin who is running as a Republican in NH’s First Congressional District.  He generally thinks he’s a big deal in the races he enters but generally ends up, in real life and in the real results, as a zero.  But he’s well known by the inside-politics people and pretty much, everyone knows he’s gonna sue somebody at sometime for something.  Let’s look at this first:

Andy Martin - more blithering 2

Back to my title: “…more blithering from Andy Martin, the most experienced…”.  In his PR above, he calls himself “most experienced congressional candidate” – he’s not admitting to the actual truth. I think my response was a bit closer to the truth:

“most experienced congressional candidate” is also matched with “most failed congressional candidate” as well. Not to mention “most litigious congressional candidate”. Now if I only had the skilz to do memes…

I’ve heard a couple of tweets that he’s now suing everyone that was involved in putting on the Rockingham GOP CD-1 debate. Apparently, his wittle ego was bruised when his invitation never arrived. So, given that the event is over, he basically wants retribution on all those involved.  No, he won’t win but he’s bound and determined to intimidate his targets. The object is to make them either angry or full of angst, waste their time, and force them to needlessly spend their money in defending themselves against scurrilous charges (whatever they are).

I haven’t seen actual legal paperwork so I can only guess what’s in them.  However, having watched this miserable act of political theater before, I can tell it ain’t gonna go anywhere.

And neither will Andy Martin. He’s the political equivalent of a vanity author.