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Why ‘Borders’ Matter

The elites, the ruling class as Angelo Codevilla called them, lost when the peoples of the several states chose Mr. Trump to be their next President.

Their political machine which includes most of the media has been out to dislodge him ever since. Its more radical elements have ramped up the intimidation and violence.

This has heightened the average American’s awareness of a battle they entered when they stepped away from the failed institution of the expanding super-state to choose someone over which it had little to no power.

A man who ran for office promising to Make America Great Again. A President who believes not just in the sovereignty of the nation-state but that ours provides something you can find no place else on earth.

A belief that carries with it a set of values and a culture founded on the idea of the Constitutional Republic. A place where laws and borders matter. Where States and People have more power than their politicians and bureaucrats.

Trump ran on building a wall, but he also ran on tearing one down. The barrier created by the ruling class. A construction of impenetrable bureaucracies between the politicians and the people. A caste of characters whose priorities were recently described for IMPRIMIS by Edward J. Erler, professor emeritus of political science at California State University, San Bernardino.

“Historically, constitutional government has been found only in the nation-state, where the people share a common good and are dedicated to the same principles and purposes. The homogeneous world-state—the European Union on a global scale—will not be a constitutional democracy; it will be the administration of “universal personhood” without the inconvenience of having to rely on the consent of the governed. It will be government by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, much like the burgeoning administrative state that is today expanding its reach and magnifying its power in the United States. “Universal persons” will not be citizens; they will be clients or subjects. Rights will be superfluous because the collective welfare of the community—determined by the bureaucrats—will have superseded the rights of individuals.”

This is what Mr. Trump opposes and why its advocates oppose him.

And because he is not beholden to them politically or financially, they must destroy his character, his motives, or the man himself, while actively trying to intimidate anyone who dares to support him in public.

Think about that.

The ruling class, or at least those who would rule you, are afraid of power in the hands of people they cannot control. Their response is to pillory them in the press, lawfare, or as needed to engage in actual intimidation and violence.

Again from IMPRIMIS.

Today, any Republican charged or implicated with racism—however tendentious, outrageous, implausible, exaggerated, or false the charge or implication may be—will quickly surrender, often preemptively. This applies equally to other violations of political correctness: homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and a host of other so-called irrational prejudices. After all, there is no rational defense against an “irrational fear,” which presumably is what the “phobias” are. Republicans have rendered themselves defenseless against political correctness, and the establishment wing of the party doesn’t seem overly concerned, as they frequently join the chorus of Democrats in denouncing Trump’s violations of political correctness. Only President Trump seems undeterred by the tyrannous threat that rests at the core of political correctness.

This is the environment into which Mr. Trump willingly walked, undeterred, with the purpose of taking America off the path that the ruling class elites in both parties have set for us.

Not just higher taxes, more regulations, and a legal system that ignores the law for the elites but fewer rights, and open borders – the diminishment of the nation-state and American Republicanism, complete with an institutionalized program of intimidation and tyranny for those who object.

Is it ( ) to suggest that Elections are becoming more important every time they are held?

They are your not your only voice in this battle, but they are still a private voice. No matter what is said or done in public your secret ballot allows you to defend the idea of the Constitutional Republic and all the unique and exceptional liberties it provides.

That was how Mr. Trump got elected. It is also why the elites had no clue what was coming. People wanted something different but were afraid to say so in public. Has anything changed?

Could the same thing happen again this November?

In a few short months, we can again choose to support politicians (Conservative Republicans) who will defend the Republic and your individual rights and liberties, or we can advance the goals of Democrats, RINO’s, bureaucratic tyranny, and the cultural globalist ruling class elites.

Keep in mind that the latter do not just object to borders and the Constitution, they also object to free speech and the secret ballot. They object to you and how you cling to your personal rights and liberties.

So the ballot box is your border wall between the two because this isn’t just about controlling who comes and goes. It is about defining the political and cultural character of a nation.

If there can be no sovereignty for a nation then how can there be sovereignty for a people or a person?

If you give up one, you inevitably give up the rest.