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“Man” in NH allegedly peered at 12-year-old girl over changing room wall

Transgender bathroomThe headline reads, “Man in NH allegedly peered at 12-year-old girl over changing room wall.” How do they know s/he’s a man? How dare they even assume, given that it is an act of discrimination in this state?

Eric Muldowney, 30 of Somerville, Massachusetts, was charged with violation of privacy and simple assault, according to WMUR in New Hampshire. The incident took place Sunday in the Gap store at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Tilton, New Hampshire, about two hours north of Boston.

I’m not sure why s/he isn’t suing the GAP, the Tanger Outlets, the Tilton PD or even the town itself?

We passed that there “degenderfication” law. Women and girls had their right to “privacy” sacrificed on the social justice altar. Poof. Gone. There are no gender-specific public spaces in New Hampshire anymore. That’s why s/he was in that changing room in the first place, right?

So Eric, if that’s even her real name, could claim s/he thought the little girl sounded “distressed” and s/he just wanted to take a quick peek to check on things. But then the bigots got all up in ‘her’ grill, so s/he’ fled.

If he had a good lawyer that’s how he’d play it.

Personally, I think he’s a dirtbag peeping Tom douchebag who shouldn’t have even been anywhere near that little girl, but we tried that argument. Genius legislators disagreed.

And here we are. Where we also have to wonder if the “little girl” may, in fact, be a boy (because it would be bigoted to assume she even knows herself), in which case we have a whole new problem. ‘Her’ mother (if she, is in fact, a woman, may have ‘gendered’ her against her will!

Welcome to the new world order, thanks to Republicans in the Legislature and Gov. Chris Sununu.

Wait! Here’s something we might actually be able to ascertain. Is Eric registered to vote in New Hampshire? He wouldn’t be the first Summerville resident to do that.