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Grok Poll: Did the Promised Post-Net-Neutrality Apocalypse Pass You By?

Vote yes noThe chicken-little left has a template. If the government isn’t doing it how do we change things so it does? If Government is “doing it” and someone undoes it, declare it the end of the world. Human Sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

Net Neutrality was barely old enough to know when it burped up on itself when Mr. Trump’s FCC pulled the plug. Like most things, Democrats tried to delete the history of the internet prior to 2015 or at least rewrite it. Without Net Neutrality which we’d had for but a sliver (as we know it) of the internet entire existence the sky would fall.

Did it?

My thoughts, when the thing was undone were,

When my daughter asked my opinion I told her, “remember back in antiquity (circa 2015) before Net Neutrality? When the internet was a thriving, growing, thing looking for every way possible to get as many eyeballs on its corner of the world wide web? 

“It’ll be just like that, and it will keep getting better.” 

About three weeks ago Skip asked, in relation to the end of Net Neutrality, Did anyone die because it was rolled back? Nope.

Which leads us to today’s GrokPoll. Has anyone noticed anything different before during or after Net Neutralities “brief time upon the stage?”

You can add “other” and the poll setting (which may be lying to me again) suggest we’ll be able to see those in the results, unlike last time. But as always, feel free to add more details in comments here or on our facebook page.

The poll will run until Sunday evening.

“Who is Your Pick to Win NH’s CD-1 Republican Primary?”