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Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter Grasps in Desperation for Relevance Before Retiring

Michelle Obama - Carol Shea-WhoCongress has plenty of vestigial structures but were any of them ever as useless as “retiring” lame-duck congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter?

She not only did nothing to protect our children from the national debt she played a part in doubling it. The government not only got further into our bedrooms under her watch they stormed into our doctor’s offices as well. Her commitment to the environment and green energy saw billions shuffled off to cronies or just flushed down the drain through waste fraud and abuse.

Did she do anything useful?

Her inability to stop the Federal government from taking more of our money so she could vie for the Oscar for best-political performance at getting a fraction of it back makes Democrats happy. Lobbyists and donors love that. But all that does is make Washington DC more powerful which can only happen at the expense of the states and the people.

Which is why I have long referred to her as one of the DC’s ambassadors to the Granite State.

She is a Federal Government-Handmaid doing the Beltway’s Bidding. A tick on the backside of the unions and special interests from whom she fed for more than a decade.


So, when I read her (latest) call for Mr. Trump to resign or be impeached, it was one more opportunity to discuss what a partisan hypocrat she is. For example.

Barack plays the back nine while Russia Invades Ukraine and seizes Crimea. Nothing.

Anti-war Carol watches while Obama puts on a surge in Afghanistan but with rules of engagement that get our soldiers killed.

We pull out of Iraq which all ends with the rise of ISIS. Look a humanitarian disaster!, not, Look Obama created it!

Barack plays the back nine while Hillary botches Benghazi. Shea-Porter is silent. (Or did she repeat the ‘it was a video,’ lie, I can’t recall?)

Obama gives Iran, (the world’s largest State sponsor of terrorism) pallets of cash. Carol’s as quiet as a church mouse.

Hillary gives our Nuclear Fuel to Putin’s buddies? Nothing.

And then there was all that bowing and scraping to enemies while pissing off allies. Not a word.

That’s the short list.

But Trump misspeaks in Helsinki and Carol Che-Porter finds her dander.

“I believe President Trump is unwilling and unable to stand up for the USA and our allies,” Shea-Porter said. “He must step down now and spare our people a drawn-out ordeal. President Richard Nixon stepped down for far less than what Mr. Trump has done. And if he won’t leave, Speaker Ryan must call for his impeachment. Americans and the world need and deserve a fresh start with a leader who will stand up for freedom and democracy.”

She is a partisan hack desperate for relevance because she has accomplished only one thing for all her years “working” in the nation’s capital. She can collect a taxpayer-funded Congressional pension with benefits.

It might have been better, had we known, for New Hampshire to keep her here and add a line to the budget to cover those costs. The savings to Granite Staters would have more than covered it.

Instead, she got to wander around lapping at Nancy Pelosi’s shadow long enough to collect federal bennies. And as her time as a “legislator” comes to a close don’t expect her to accept this modest gift as an invitation to retire in silence. She’ll find a way to ‘keep busy’ which means more incisive commentary on the days’ events.

Although, as an afterthought, that may not be such a bad thing.