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Seven New Hampshire House Republicans Try To Silence Political Speech They Don’t Like

Only you can keep RINOs out of Concord

American’s for Prosperity in New Hampshire has been doing some issues advocacy. Alerting the residents of seven House Districts held by sitting (r)epublicans that their elected officials opposed Right to Work.

The seven “Republican” House Reps are mad at AFP for daring to let voters, who might not otherwise notice, know how they voted. So they wrote a letter to the Secretary of State and the State’s Attorney General questioning AFP-New Hampshire status as a nonprofit 501(c)4.

Put another way; this truth could hurt them politically and rather than explain their votes to constituents they’ve taken the liberal road to silence an inconvenient exercise of free speech.

Whether or not you give a damn about Right to Work (and we here in our humble shop, do) anyone with a passing knowledge of political mailers (and you’d think an elected representative would have at least a passing knowledge) can tell these are protected issue advocacy.

Voters in these districts, mainly Republican and Independent primary voters, take note. Instead of defending their opposition to Right to Work and explaining the thinking behind that vote (and presumably a much longer list votes in support of Democrat priorities given their HRA scores) they have chosen to play the victim card.

These “(r)epublicans” decided that it was not their abandonment of the principles of the party banner under which they ran for office that is at fault but the speech that exposes them for who and what they are. RINOs.

I’m not sure how empowering this act is helping, but I’d like to thank them.

Their expression has taken this very local act of political speech and its contents to a much wider audience. Facebook, Twitter, and statewide news media.

They have also provided me with an opportunity to (further) expose them to our audience which includes politically active people in their districts. That means primary voters.

With that in mind, here are their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, NH House district, Most recent HRA Scores, and email address, all public information.

Feel free to ask them why they support union bosses and oppose worker freedom or free speech or both, and let us know what they have to say.

NH State Representative Matthew Scruton
195 Ten Rod Road Rochester, NH 03867
[Strafford 12]
HRA score of 59%

NH State Representative Sean Morrison
98 Hamilton Drive Epping, NH 03042
[Rockingham 9]
HRA score 70%

NH State Representative Michael McCarthy
34 Terry Street Nashua, NH 03064
[Hillsborough 29]
HRA score 55%

NH State Representative Jason Janvrin
PO Box 462 Seabrook, NH 03874
[Rockingham 20]
HRA Score 43%

NH State Representative Philip Bean
PO Box 660 Hampton, NH 03842
[Rockingham 21]
HRA Score 49%

NH State Representative Mark Proulx
76 Janet Court Manchester, NH 03103
[Hillsborough 44]
HRA Score 67%

NH State Representative Marty Bove
3 Tinkham Lane Londonderry, NH 03053
[Rockingham 5]
HRA Score 61%

Letter to SoC and AG

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