Quick Thought: One would think that all Republicans would be voting FOR more Individual Freedoms...use your vote against them - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: One would think that all Republicans would be voting FOR more Individual Freedoms…use your vote against them

Right to workFrom the NH GOP Platform:

  • Support legislation to allow workers to decide the allocation of the portion of their union dues used for political purposes
  • We believe in free people, free markets and free enterprise

To that latter point – if unions have the mindset that they can prevent competition and lock potential workers out of jobs, that’s no longer a free labor market. And those locked out of a job because it is a closed shop are no longer free to compete. On those two points,  Americans For Prosperity NH (“AFP”) is now about to do the job that the NH GOP continuously fails to do – holding RINOS that stray to supporting the Democrat agenda accountable. From the Union Leader (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Republican representatives who voted against Right-to-Work legislation last year are going to find themselves the target of an “accountability campaign” by the conservative policy group Americans for Prosperity. AFP-NH mail pieces will land in a variety of districts across the state starting this week, highlighting the representative’s record on Right-to-Work.

The example provided by AFP was aimed at Republican Rep. Karel Crawford of Center Harbor. The front side of the mailer asks, “Why is your representative restricting worker freedoms?” The back side of the mailer has Crawford’s picture with the headline, “Rep. Karel Crawford voted against giving Granite State workers our right to work.

In this, elected GOP officials like Crawford work to keep and advance the Democrat agenda. And the Party’s historical response?  Best illustrated by former and current Speaker of the NH House Gene Chandler of “Anyone with an R after their name is a good Republican” is both wrong and wrongheaded even if only considered from a PR perspective.  There’s a reason why the phrase “not a dime’s worth of difference between them” exists – and yet nothing is done by the entity that takes it in the shorts the most – the Grand Old Party here in NH.  Thus, others of us outside of the Party are left to clean up the mess.  Yay for AFP (even as we at the ‘Grok do our part as well – and I’m not even a Republican!) for doing the job that the NH GOP refuses to do”.

Watch for future iterations of the same campaign for Republican reps who voted against the school choice bill, SB 193.

Who needs the Dems when RINO Repubs torpedo the NH GOP agenda and the Party just lets it goes. Hey Greg Moore – let us know how we can help!

(H/T: Union Leader)