Quick Thought - No One Has Died Yet Because of This - Granite Grok

Quick Thought – No One Has Died Yet Because of This

Net Neutrality hoax

Just like a lot of things that Progressives predicted would come true with horrifying consequences (like Constitutional Carry here in NH where we were told by Progressives and the Coven of Police Chiefs not wanting to see civilians being able to exercise their full Second Amendment Rights), this hasn’t happened either.

Net Neutrality.

The Internet was supposed to grind to a halt, you wouldn’t be able to play your game, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, and give more money to Amazon. And our roads would be literally littered with the dead and dying zombies unable to get their next connection fix.

I haven’t see that latter thing; you? Nope just another manufactured crisis by those that hate capitalism and the Right to Private Property. After all, all those “inter-tubes” cost money and the owners should be able to charge what they want.  And if you don’t like paying the frieght, you could always hire someone else.  But N.N. has always been about people who didn’t own it wanting to control it.

Net Neutrality – gone and good riddance. And no, Constitutional Carry didn’t result in “rivers of blood in our streets”.