New York Times "Runs Out Of Words" to Describe May Jobs Numbers - Granite Grok

New York Times “Runs Out Of Words” to Describe May Jobs Numbers

new-york-times-1789976_960_720I couldn’t tell you if the cable networks or the alphabets are in on this but The New York Times offered up a glowing report of May’s job’s numbers the same day I wrote this. So here’s the credit where it is due.

The real question in analyzing the May jobs numbers released Friday is whether there are enough synonyms for “good” in an online thesaurus to describe them adequately.

There’s more, and while ecstatic would not define the reaction, it is a respectable admission that something has happened that is good for employees and the economy.

So in an era of geopolitical risks and potential trade wars, the thing to take away from the May numbers is that the United States economy just keeps humming along at a steady pace, putting more people to work and at gradually higher wages.

It isn’t perfect — wage growth remains unexceptional despite its growth spurt in May, and the ratio of prime-age adults working remains below its historical levels.

But it has been a strikingly durable and steady expansion, which is what the nation needed after the scars of the 2008 recession. And that’s just plain “good.”

Without actually mentioning Trump, the NYT manages to say something good about circumstances we can only assume must be deemed incidental to his occupation of the office. Sure, the previous denizen got credit for everything deemed good and plenty sold as good that was not. But that is the nature of the partisan beast that is The New York Times. They are not shy about their priorities. But they gave up a few column inches to say something positive about an economy.

I’m sure there are many more column inches elsewhere for the Krugman’s to dissect the details into the minutia needed to prop up the left’s latest narrative about the awful, no-good, Donald with allusions to Obama’s economic coat-tails, as short as they might be.

There is, after all, an election in a few months that Democrats need desperately to win.

After which they will go about pushing legislation for Trump to veto on the way to building their narrative for 2020 if they don’t first try to impeach him.

You know, take us back to the era of America Last, rising terrorist threats, higher taxes, more regulations, nuclear Iran, belligerent Norks, indifferent allies, Diminished manufacturing, historically low labor participation, a China First trade policy, the Deep State agency intimidation of everyday Americans, and more spying on everyone and anything (foreign and domestic) without fear of retribution.

So, sure, kudos for this jobs nod, but until we can get some balanced reporting about all of that other stuff well, it’s still the same old New York Times, isn’t it?