Irony Alert: NH Gov. Diversity and Inclusion Council ‘Listening Sessions’ All Took Place in Towns Won by Clinton in 2016

militant-snowflakeI’m trying to wade through the preliminary report from the Governor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion. The first thing that struck me was that their first foray into information gathering included “Listening Sessions” in three locations. Durham, Portsmouth, and Claremont.

Yes, the diversity and inclusion council chose to begin their excellent virtue signaling adventure by “listening” to the concerns of citizens in three locations that chose Hillary Clinton in 2016.

As a result of this lack of diversity or the inclusion of towns that have views different from majorities of Clinton voters, you will not be surprised to discover that some of the “qualitative information about people’s experiences in New Hampshire related to diversity and inclusion” while “not intended to be representative” nor “the conclusions of the Council, but rather the sentiments expressed by participants,” were, shall we say, ‘colored’ with progressive bias.

I could probably make a career out of picking this document apart (and I may still), but in the interest of time and space, I’ll limit myself here to just one listening session ‘observation’ from the report because it stabs at the heart of the ludicrous nature of the entire exercise.

• A number of participants expressed that many New Hampshire residents do not understand the concept of whiteness and the role it plays in systems of oppression.

I’m sure they don’t but no more than these individuals understand or accept the concept of whiteness and the role it played in freeing people of all ages, races, national origin, sex, or religions from poverty, and persecution.

I know its unpopular with the social justice community but a bunch of white guys came up with a system of government where power resides in the people not The State.

That individual liberty, freedom, property rights, free markets, an independent judiciary, and enumerated or unenumerated natural rights are superior to the will of elites and that only by placing limits on those who would rule could they be protected.

The equality of opportunity was more important to the economic advancement and the general welfare of all than allowing a ruling class to limit rights and opportunities through force.

We could go on, and one but each of these ideas was enshrined in the founding of America. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution established a unique relationship between the people and their government that lead to the end of slavery on the continent and the single most significant force for eliminating poverty in history.

The ‘participants’ parroting the cultural Marxist mantras are not representative of the Council or the State of New Hampshire, but their voice and their priorities are what lead to the creation of the Governor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion. A body that echoes by its very existence the goals of social justice partisans on the far left who seek to empower the state to the detriment of the American Experiment.

The problem is that our rube of a governor fell for this hook line and sinker. He created the council on diversity and inclusion which, along with the Human rights commission, will inevitably become a tool of the state to limit the very sorts of liberties that so many have fought and died to protect.

A foundation that could not exist absent a concept of “whiteness” and the role it played in making this much liberty and prosperity possible for anyone from anywhere.

And while we openly accept the right of our citizens to offer their opinions, the same snowflakes who are triggered by the diversity movements bugbears are appropriating liberties unique to American culture in an effort to make it less unique on the world stage and less free.

That cannot go unchallenged.

There’s plenty more in this report to chew on. Some of it may make you vomit. Just keep in mind that there are some decent people on the council and more than a few of them have the best of intentions. But that, given the name of the cabal and the bias inherent in the Marxist concepts upon which the diversity and inclusion culture are steeped, we can do little more than interpret the output and keep our eyes open for warning signs.

Here’s the report. I’m certain that we will be revisiting bits of it over the coming weeks or months so please check back.