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Governor Sununu to NH Women: Shut Up and Sit Down


Today, Republican Governor Chris Sununu decided to stand with an out-of-state multi-millionaire rather than New Hampshire women when he signed House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), aka the ‘Gender Identity’ bill. This, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Granite Staters asked him to veto the legislation after demanding the legislation be killed in the senate in the first place.

It seems Sununu is more interested in out-of-state special interest groups with a lot of money rather than the ramifications this legislation will have to New Hampshire women. This legislation allows any man who claims to be a woman to be considered as such in public policy; therefore, essentially erasing women.

The ramifications of this legislation to women have been documented over and over and over, everything from domestic abuse shelters to rape centers to homeless women’s shelters to women’s and girls’ sports but pay no attention to the man behind the dress, wimminfolk in the Granite State are just going to have keep their mouths shut.

In fact, one Connecticut school is finding out the hard way what “gender identity” laws do to girls. Biological males who ‘identify’ as girls are dominating some girls’ sports. Why? Because even though they are biological males, they are being allowed to compete against girls because they self-identify AS girls. Eventually, there will be no girls dominating girls’ sports, and that’s exactly what gender identity legislation intends.

Of course, trans people have already been able to sue for discrimination for the past two decades. If there are gaps in existing laws, those should be researched and resolved but what HB 1319 does is literally change the definition of women to include biological men who simply ‘identify’ as women. Interesting that Sununu wanted the New Hampshire Supreme Court to review voting bills but he completely ignores the known ramifications of the gender identity bill.

Every individual has the right to believe whatever they want about themselves but no individual should be pushing laws that force everyone else to believe the same via the long arm of the law. Clearly, Sununu doesn’t believe in liberty, freedom OR individual rights, especially women’s rights.

Women have been fighting for sex-based legal protections since the late 1800s when they first fought to have sex-segregated public facilities. Why? Because men and women are biologically different and have different needs. With the stroke of a pen, Sununu destroys all sex-based legal protections that women in New Hampshire have fought for over many years.

For some reason, even the New Hampshire Log Cabin ‘Republicans’ have decided to jump on board with his horrific legislation, despite many in their own LGBT community being against it. Maybe they will get an infusion of money from the long-time LGBT activist out-of-state multi-millionaire, Tim Gill? Why else would they support legislation that hurts one of the strongest factions of their community, lesbians?

Today is an historic day in New Hampshire. It’s the day when a Republican-controlled state decided to vote in legislation which was one reason Democrats were voted OUT of office in 2016. Granite Staters don’t take kindly to identity politics and they were sick of Democrats shoving it down their throats. Republicans were elected, in part, because of this, now leading Republicans are behaving no differently than their opposition.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire women are being told to shut up and sit down because biological men who ‘identify’ as women will now have a higher standing. All thanks to a Republican governor who seems to care more about future aspirations than the damning affects this legislation will have on the women and girls he is supposed to represent.