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Get Money Out of Politics Group Silent After PAC Commits 23 Million to One Dem Senator

Pile-Of-MoneyStill no word from “get money out of politics” groups like Open Democracy regarding Billionaire Tom Steyer dumping three-quarters of a million dollars into New Hampshire for the last four-plus months of the 2018 Election cycle.  Not that I expected as much as a peep. Steyer is, after all, one of them. He’s supporting their issues and their candidates.

While we wait for them to find their outrage, here’s a story about one PAC spending $23 million to protect a Democrat “get money out of politics” US Senator who could lose his seat in November.

You heard right. Democrat Wave. Reelection in jeopardy. Anti Citizen’s United Axe Grinder. Twenty-Three Million promise from one pro-Democrat PAC.

(FL Sen. Bill) Nelson has railed against money in politics for several years and has previously slammed the Citizens United Supreme Court decision for “corrupting our democracy,” but his campaign will benefit from a group that allows billionaires and special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money on Senate races. 

The Democrat Majority PAC is run by “J.B. Poersch, an ally of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) was tapped last March as the president of the super PAC, according to the Hill.”

Their mission is to get Democrats elected to fight the Trump Agenda. That means they want to raise taxes, expand the inefficient bureaucracy, lead from behind, protect the elevation of activist judges,  and (most importantly) stop the collapse of their false flag operations about Russia Collusion before they can no longer hide the truth about how Obama weaponized the swamp to terrorize political opponents.

Putting that aside, we still have the hypocrats and their “get money out of politics” lie.

The Washington Beacon report mentions nothing about Sen. Nelson asking the PAC not to spend $23 million on him even though it makes him look like a raging hypocrite. But they do note that the political action group with the eponymous name End Citizens United (which gave a glowing endorsement Nelson) “did not return a request for comment.

How could they? This has nothing do with getting money out of politics. These groups are working to give the government the power to control political speech.

There’s nothing “Free” about that.