Family Separation Week Bonus: Democrats Reject 'Bi-Partisan' Legislative Fix To Stop "Family Separations" - Granite Grok

Family Separation Week Bonus: Democrats Reject ‘Bi-Partisan’ Legislative Fix To Stop “Family Separations”

Senator Charles Ellis Schumer, D-NY and Anti-gun Charlatan

Border Security and immigration policy are matters of law. In a land of laws, with the rule of law, the law defines the terms. In America, if you come here without permission, you can get arrested, no matter what your age or who may be with you. This leads to parents getting separated from their children. Something Democrats suddenly care about.

The fix, if you really want one, is legislative. If Congress changes the law and the president signs it those are the new rules, and everyone after that point needs to follow them.

Chuck Schumer has declined an opportunity to fix this.

I’m not surprised. I’ve been calling this progressive “family separation” narrative nonsense political posturing all week, and Chuck Schumer has proved me right.

Unless you have cut all media (including the internet) from your life it is difficult not to notice just how important this situation is to the left. So why, when offered the opportunity to change the law to address it, are Democrats – led by Chuck Schumer – not interested?

Because the goal is to use an issue no one gave a damn about under Obama to smear Mr. Trump.

Democrat leadership does not care about kids, or families, or separation anxiety.  This is a strategic political attack and nothing else.

“(New legislation) is an excuse from our Republican colleagues who feel the heat, don’t want to attack the president, even though they know, they know legislation will take a very long time and is unlikely to happen, and the flick of a president’s pen could solve this tomorrow.” …

Schumer refused to answer if Democrats would work with Republicans on a legislative fix for the issue, saying, “Let’s hope we never get to that. Let’s hope the president does the right thing and solves the problem, which he can do.”

The Minority Leader of the United States Senate. A Guy whose job is to write laws. A person in a position of immense political influence, whose job is to craft legal solutions which the President is charged with enforcing.

He says no to a legislative remedy.

Schumer’s ‘solution’ to the problem created when the previous president ignored the law is to get the current president to ignore it as well. But just on this part of this particular issue. Where the President exercises the authority given him by Congress or the Constitution that he doesn’t like Mr. Schumer is at the front of the line to call him names and find a court to challenge it. He then complains about Republican obstruction when he can’t get Congress to line up behind his legislative solution.

Republicans have offered to fast track a legal solution to what Democrats are claiming is suddenly a pressing problem. Schumer, speaking for elected Democrats, and the minority party in the US Senate (which includes New Hampshire State Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan) is not interested. He is abrogating his role in the proper Constitutional process.

Instead of a bipartisan resolution ‘for the children,‘ he’d rather play politics. And he’s happy to lie about it.

President Trump has to follow the law as written. Even the laws he doesn’t like.

Schumer has been given the opportunity to be a change agent, and he’s turning it down.

But that shouldn’t suppose any of our readers.

The Far-Left party leaders don’t care about anything but politics. They don’t care about women, blacks, gays, transgenders, illegal immigrants, workers (especially if they are white blue collar) cops, teachers, and certainly not kids.

And I’ll keep saying it because they keep proving it.

Just add illegal immigrant children to the list.