"Athletic Performance” and “Longevity” are “Western values” Based on Elite White Bias - Granite Grok

“Athletic Performance” and “Longevity” are “Western values” Based on Elite White Bias

I want to be a feminist when I grow upTwo Feminist health “experts” included a chapter in their new book in which they mull “mainstream nutrition science” and how it “rests upon elite, white, and educated modes of thinking, and that the values mainstream nutrition promotes are “Western values.” “

No, they aren’t happy about that.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t feminism and therefore feminist health a white elite western value?

According to the report at Campus Reform, politics, cultural belief, and social identity, “… suggest that nutrition science is a regime of control that prioritizes different cultures over others.”

Which is funny because if I ever go to Italy (trigger warning), it will be for real Italian food.

So, if foreigners try to embrace this diet (Based on Elite White Western Bias) and I tell them to stop appropriating my culture, you won’t call me a racist?

Fat chance of that.

They conclude their chapter by urging others to explore the possibility of “doing nutrition differently,” suggesting several possible approaches.

Is that another white feminist western value?

First, is “radical non-judgement,” which means “letting go of the belief that there is one right way to eat well, and instead accepting that bodily nourishment is complex—scientifically, culturally, and socially.” 

Another strategy could involve embracing a “happy contradiction,” which refers to the “understanding that all ideas about food are culturally specific, and can therefore sometimes be in contradiction,” they write. 

Again, we see that inclusion and diversity are all about opposing urges to assimilate into western culture or values. It’s a contradiction, but it could also be labeled as racist.

Don’t act like us. You’re not one of us. Eat like your own kind.

That’s the message.

And whatever you do don’t go to the local (western) Farmer’s Market. These are ‘Spaces of Whiteness.’

These western feminists imposing their values on you are, by the way, sisters and not nutritionists. They both have advanced degrees in geography but appropriated the topic, labeled critical nutrition as among their research interests.

I have a critical interest in you leaving me alone, but that’s not how this works. You’ll continue to impose your western feminist values on everyone until they do as you suggest or you’ll call them sexist, racist, bigots.

Finally, while there is plenty more to “chew on” in the article, I wanted to leave you with this morsel.

“When scientific claims help to legitimize particular cultural beliefs as ‘facts’ rather than viewpoints, they are easily accepted,” they write. “Facts garner attention, and are highly marketable.”

You mean like Global Warming? Or are you talking about critical nutrition studies?