On another meeting I DIDN'T go to - Kevin Landrigan goes with the "rotten peeps, those GOPers are" with his headline - Granite Grok

On another meeting I DIDN’T go to – Kevin Landrigan goes with the “rotten peeps, those GOPers are” with his headline

Kevin LandriganQuick Thought:

NH GOP members exclude delegate from convention, take no action on her pro-gay-rights proposals

Yes, I slap them around when it is needful – but I’ll go the other way when needed as well. The NH GOP did no such thing as exclude a delegate from the NH GOP Convention yesterday. So he is one of two three four things:

  • He’s an outright liar
  • He’s fishing for clickbait
  • He’s wishing to cast aspersions of guilt amongst the Union Leader readership
  • He’s lazy.

Or all four.  He’s been around NH politics a long, LONG time – he knows better than to do this unless he was intent on making trouble where none exists. Yet, he decided to take a fact and make it an unfact: what’s a delegate by the rules?

Here are the rules about NH GOP delegates:

B. Biennial Conventions:

(1)  Composition:  The State Committee’s biennial convention (the “Convention”) shall comprise the Republican nominees selected and the delegates elected at the preceding state primary election and the incumbent Republican officeholders specified in RSA 667:21, I, provided that the incumbent remains in office at the time of the convention.

(4)  Call of Convention:  The Chairman shall call each Convention by posting a notice of the meeting on the home page of the State Committee’s website at least thirty days before the day of the Convention and by mailing written notice to each delegate, nominee, and incumbent at his or her last known address at least ten days before the day of the Convention.  In lieu of mailed notice the Chairman may provide such written notice by email at least ten days before the day of the Convention to any delegate, nominee, or incumbent who has requested or authorized such electronic notification.


A. Elected State Committee Members: As provided by State Statutes (RSA 661:10, RSA 667:22), each County and recognized City shall have a County and City Committee comprised of the number of members apportioned to it by the State Convention of the Republican Party, and the members of each County Committee shall be elected by the Party nominees and delegates from each County and City to the State Convention as provided by such statute. Members so elected shall be designated as members of the State Committee, with voting privileges. These members of the State Committee shall also serve as members of their local committees and elect the officers of the County or City Committee.


A. The State Chairman will also call biennial meetings of the Party nominees and elected Party delegates for the purpose of holding a caucus to elect members of the State Committee. These meetings must take place during the period beginning immediately following the biennial election and ending by December 15th. All qualified registered Republicans nominated shall be included on the ballot for consideration of election at these meetings. All voting shall be conducted by printed ballot, unless the race is uncontested. The State Chairman will be responsible for notifying all party nominees and elected Party delegates by mail at least ten days before the day of the meeting. Only members of the State Committee shall elect the County and City Committee officers.

So you have to run for and be elected, in a Republican primary, to be an NH GOP delegate.  You are running for that office from a designated political area (e.g., a ward or a town); you represent THEM.  Move, and you are no longer representing anyone else.  That’s what JHo and her husband did.  Then they moved. And were correctly corrected by the challenge – thems the rules.

But Landrigan makes it into to a “gay marriage” dealy.  Was that his purpose?  Dunno, I’m not a mind reader.

The New Hampshire Republican Party Convention ended Saturday with no action on two proposals to end the party’s longtime support of marriage as only “between a man and a woman” and for “traditional families.” This came after the membership blocked from taking part in this meeting the author of changes in support of same-sex marriage, former GOP State Chairman Jennifer Horn of Nashua, because she and her husband, Bill, had moved to a different ward in the city. Soon after that disqualification, the convention voted to adjourn without making any changes to its platform.

And this: “She was allowed into the hall but her right to be involved was challenged on the floor and that challenge was upheld by a 2-1 margin”

As Steve mentioned, State Senator Dan Innis was there – why didn’t he speak up?  Why did no one else from the Log Cabin Republicans speak up, or other (as the PC folks say) “allies” speak up and create the floor fight that JHo was itching to start?  All they had to do was walk up to the mic, make a motion, and get a second for that motion.  They didn’t even do that! But Landrigan, while being factually correct, couldn’t resist making the gay innuendo, could he?

Now, wasn’t there, didn’t want to be there, could care less about it happening other than being a conservative blogger.  But the question that did come to mind was this:

Did someone deliberately want JHO and hubby to be left hanging out to dry on this?

Hmmm…..and Hahahahaha if true.