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New Hampshire Is No Social Experiment – Thank You

Burning USS Raleigh on NH State FlagI know politicians often feel they must balance principals against results. Once elected (once) conservative candidates become more practical. They surrender the issues they ran for office on to the ability to get “things done” or to “save what they have won.” I the this entirely. It is a basic human instinct – except for liberals. Liberals, progressives, socialists, whatever you want to call them, go even more radical once surrounded by power. They try and eliminate all opposition, that is in their evil nature.

The best of all worlds for progressives is to get their intended victims to help them along. It is an easy task. Plenty of appeasers will side with progressives in an always unsuccessful attempt at satisfying progressive anger and deflecting attacks. This plan never works for long.

When you see so-called friendly officials writing bills meant to appease opponents, you see “surrender” in action. But there is no law that says one must help political opponents win when they are in the minority, but we see it all the time.

The new “Bathroom Bill,” HB 1319, handing transgendered people extra rights they are (supposedly) not allowed under our current State and Federal Constitutions is a prime example. This bill seeks to satisfy progressives but is a simple step in the slow process of dismantling traditional families. But since it is “bipartisan,” it is also supposed to mean something good?

If you don’t know the difference between the sexes, maybe you shouldn’t be writing or voting on any legislation?

On the flipside.

If you don’t know the difference between a legal resident of New Hampshire and a citizen of another state when it comes time to vote – maybe YOU are the problem.

Bizarre definitions of a person’s gender and equally bizarre definitions of a person’s legal residence, his domicile, are not a reason or excuse for supposedly sensible people to jump aboard the leftist train.

Having men in the Ladies Room is foolish no matter how trendy, and not in the best interest of New Hampshire citizens.

Letting people from Connecticut and Massachusetts vote for our Congressmen and Senators is equally foolish and serves no public interest for our State.

People who are confused as to their gender and others who refuse to vote in their own state should not be telling anyone in New Hampshire how to live.

Governor Sununu should veto any bills that add confusion to traditional values and laws that have served New Hampshire well.