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Mark Steyn’s Take is (naturally) Better on Eric Schneiderman

Mark SteynYesterday I reported on the abrupt demise of #MeToo New York AG Eric Schneiderman. Mark Steyn had some thoughts on this as well, and being Mark Steyn, they are excellent. The piece, titled ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Schneiderman,’ begins like this.

It was a busy news day in America, with primary races in four states and Trump ignoring the pleadings of my old boss Boris Johnson and gleefully blowing up the Iran deal. But I confess I was most struck today by the sudden appearance on America’s front pages of a chap I last mentioned in my testimony to the United Senate. I was talking about the peculiarly repulsive spectacle of thug politicians abusing their powers to go after those who disagree with them on climate change:

I highly recommend the rest, especially the bits where the left prostrates themselves to the Trump-hating former AG and what friends told one of the accusers when she shared stories about the abuse.