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Follow-up on Thursday’s Numbers

NHGOP WoodshedBrief epilogue to my last post:

What’s the concur/nonconcur/Committee of Conference vote on the therapy ban bill, HB 587?

HB 587 is on its way to Governor Sununu’s desk. It could strip professional licensing from any counselor whose words to a gender-questioning child are deemed insufficiently supportive of gender reassignment. That’s the absurd vagueness of this so-called “conversion therapy” bill.

A House motion on May 10 to “nonconcur” with the Senate version of the bill and to set up a Committee of Conference failed on a 163-182 roll call vote. A conference committee was the last chance to derail the bill. Among the 182 reps who opposed setting up a committee of conference were 24 Republicans.

The subsequent “concur” motion that sent the bill to the Governor’s desk was approved on a voice vote by the Republican-majority House.

What’s the concur/nonconcur/Committee of Conference vote on what has become the education savings account bill, HB 1636?

With a Senate-amended bill before them that would have revived education savings accounts legislation, the House refused to ask for a committee of conference (168-173) and then cast a plain, unadorned “nonconcur” vote (180-163) with the Senate version of the bill. Twenty-some-odd Republicans joined Dems in making sure HB 1636 didn’t pass.