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Stop Legislative Effort to Discriminate Against Girls and Women in New Hampshire

women girlsOne of the many bills before the New Hampshire legislature this year loaded with (presumably) unintended consequences is HB1319 (Find archived articles here and here). This bill, sold as Act prohibiting discrimination based on gender is entirely unnecessary so the goal must be something other than its stated purpose because it will enshrine other (unpleasant) things that are not currently part of state law.

No safe spaces for girls or women.

The bill specifically allows men to enter into sex-segregated spaces that are reserved for women only. In other words, anyone who claims to be a trans woman will be allowed to use these spaces, despite the fact they are sex-segregated in order to provide privacy and some semblance of safety to women.

Erases women’s right to privacy.

Everyone has the individual right to believe whatever they want of themselves but what this legislation does is essentially erase the very definition of women and girls in public policy. By allowing anyone who simply feels like they are a woman or a girl to actually be defined as such, the true definition of womanhood and girlhood is absolutely erased.

Places public and private will be under constant threat of legal action over things you have yet to imagine.

transsexual woman sued a rape center in Canada because they wouldn’t allow her to be a rape counselor due to her having lived the majority of her life as a man. In that case, the rape center won the suit but how soon until these types of organizations, who cater to traumatized women, stop winning these cases?

And decades worth of gains will be erased when men and boys who claim to be women can compete against actual girls and women because there are differences and they do matter.

But not to HB1319.

The NH Senate has an opportunity to stop the injustice created by another unnecessary but ‘well-meaning’ bill that makes matters worse.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has recommended Interim Study on the gender identity bill (HB 1319). The full Senate will vote on it Wednesday, May 2 or Thursday, May 3.

Ask your state senator to vote YES to “Interim Study” OR “Inexpedient to Legislate” on HB 1319

Phone calls are most effective.  Look up your senator HERE.

Call Governor Sununu at 603-271-2121. He has expressed support for HB 1319, but there is still time for him to change his mind.

Read The Impact of HB 1319 on Privacy: An Analysis in Light of New Hampshire Law.

This legislation is pushed by out-of-state special interests and a lot of out-of-state money under cover of erasing discrimination that doesn’t exist in New Hampshire when what it will actually do is create discrimination against girls and women that didn’t exist until HB 1319 came along.

Kimberly Morin and I spoke to the problems here.