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NH’s Gender Identity Bill Will Essentially ‘Erase’ Women and Girls


On Monday, the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing for House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.

Proponents of the legislation claim trans people don’t have protection against discrimination in the Granite State which has already been proven untrue. In fact, trans people have been using existing discrimination laws to sue when necessary for almost two decades.

The out-of-state organization that decided to push the “Trans Bill” in New Hampshire willfully ignores this fact and spreads falsehoods around the state that trans people don’t have the same protections as everyone else in the state. They spent last year smearing the Granite State with their lies.

Everyone has the individual right to believe whatever they want of themselves but what this legislation does is essentially erase the very definition of women and girls in public policy. By allowing anyone who simply feels like they are a woman or a girl to actually be defined as such, the true definition of womanhood and girlhood is absolutely erased.

This “gender identity” bill will 100% erase sex-based legal protections that women have worked hard for years to secure. The ramifications of this legislation have already been proven in other states and countries where similar “gender identity” laws have been passed. It isn’t a mere suggestion that women and girls will be erased, it’s based on what is actually happening elsewhere.

Women will no longer be “allowed” their sex-segregated spaces or organizations as they have today. Rape centers, domestic abuse shelters, homeless shelters, women’s and girls’ sports and women-only organizations will all be places where actual women and girls are no longer able to actually be segregated from men. This has already been proven in other places where this type of law has been passed.

A transsexual woman sued a rape center in Canada because they wouldn’t allow her to be a rape counselor due to her having lived the majority of her life as a man. In that case, the rape center won the suit but how soon until these types of organizations, who cater to traumatized women, stop winning these cases?

An Alaska man, who has a criminal record of violence, is currently suing a domestic abuse shelter for denying him access. He claims to be transgender. Not only will the shelter have to spend thousands of dollars to fight his lawsuit but the end result could make it so any biological man who claims to be a woman is allowed in these sex-segregated spaces for traumatized women, most who have been traumatized by biological men.

Women at a homeless shelter in Canada were told to leave a shelter because they didn’t feel comfortable having to share a room with a biological, in tact male. Actual women took a back seat to a man because of “gender identity” laws. Women at a shelter in Oregon were also told they were out of luck believing they had a safe or private space from men.

Women’s and girls’ sports have also taken the toll thanks to “gender identity” laws. The Olympics announced that biological males who believe they are women will be allowed to compete as women. Boys who claim they are girls are also competing in girls’ sports at the high school and college levels. How soon before women are no longer involved in competitive sports thanks to “gender identity” laws?

While the legislators supporting HB 1319 may have had good intentions, the out-of-state organization pushing this legislation did not. They know full well that this legislation has devastating ramifications to women and girls but they don’t care. Their goal is to change the definition of women and girls in public policy, essentially erasing actual women and girls.