if Pelosi wants to keep calling this a “tax scam”, then keep scamming me all day long!

AFP-SHARE Tax ReformI speak of the Tax Reform passed at the end of last year in which the Republicans (FINALLY doing something aligned “with our values”) fought the Democrats to do one simple, easy to understand idea: you get to keep more of your hard earned money.  Why is that so anathema to Democrats?  Oh, because they are really Socialists and Government ALWAYS comes before anybody else.  After all, Tax Reform is not just just good for we citizens, it’s doing rather well for the country as a whole (emphasis mine):

Item 1: Kroger announced that it was accelerating wage hikes, increasing the company’s 401(k) match, enhancing benefits, and expanding employee discounts. All, it said, thanks to the Republican tax reforms. Kroger joins more than 500 other companies who’ve extended bonuses, wage hikes, or improved benefits to more than 4 million workers in the wake of the law’s sharp reduction in corporate tax rates.

Sure, shareholders have received a lot of the now freed up money in this “keep your own money to yourself” law.  Why not? They own the company – they took their cash, bought part of a company via their buying shares and expect a good return on their money.  That said, employees demonstrably have received a heck of a lot of money that they otherwise wouldn’t have received.  Yet, Democrat Progressive Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that letting people keep more of their money instead of the Government keeping it is a “tax scam”.  Once again, she lets us all know whose money it should be.

Item 2: A Gallup poll found that the public thinks the tax code is more fair today than it was before the Republican tax cuts took effect. Just 42% now say middle income families pay too much in income taxes, down from 51% last year. And 26% say upper-income families pay their fair share, up from 24% last year. What’s more, nearly a quarter (24%) say that corporations pay their fair share, up from 19% a year ago. These results are startling, given that Democrats have spent months claiming the tax cuts were nothing but a giveaway to corporations and the rich.

And lookee!  Guess what letting us keep our own money and removing, in part, the jackboot of government upon the necks of companies has wrought!

Item 3: The Congressional Budget Office sharply increased its forecast for GDP growth this year as a result of the tax cuts — raising it from 2% to 3.3%. It expects GDP growth next year to be 2.4%, up from 1.5% before the tax cuts took effect. This extra growth will end up paying for most of the cost of the tax cuts, the CBO says.

Now the question is, can the DC and NH GOP stop being the Stupid Party to take advantage of by:

  • Actually telling this story over and over and over and over again?
  • Match this with real cuts in the budget (and not the fake ones where a budget is raised 5%, then lowered to 3%, and howls of “YOU CUT THE BUDGET” smell to high heaven)

Naw, that would take more backbone then they seem to have

(H/T: IBD)