Well, NH Rep Sean Morrison (R-Epping) just put himself in line for a RINO of the Week award - Granite Grok

Well, NH Rep Sean Morrison (R-Epping) just put himself in line for a RINO of the Week award

21 Most_Wanted NH House RepublicansSteve correctly singled out the 21 RINOs that decided that a paid Family / Medical Leave (via HB628) is a Proper Role of Government.  One of them, Sean Morrison (bottom row, second from the left (heh!  Left – it fits!) decided to visit the ‘Grok and call us out. That would be NH State Rep Sean Morrison, erstwhile “Republican”, from Epping representing Rockingham District 9; you all should be right proud of this boy for basically outing himself.

Bad move in coming to gun fight without a gun, dud.  We LIKE people like you but not for the reasons you might think.

So he left this snarky comment (along with some videos I won’t repost here):

And I thought fake news was only on the left. Hey anyone ever hear of a TAX you can opt out of? Would anyone not put 0.67% of your pay towards insurance that would give you 60% of your pay(taxed) for up to 6 weeks if their husband or wife got cancer, or their kid needed an operation? If any Republicans voted against this bill that Governor Sununu campaigned on, and Trump endorsed LAST WEEK, who’s the real RINO’s? Sincerely, Rep Sean Morrison.

Of COURSE, I decided to have a bit of fun with him:

I’m an Independent and not a Republican. Even though almost all of his actions have been conservative (and I’ve been pleasantly surprised and pleased), I am very leery about calling Trump a Conservative at this time. I think he was being nice to his daughter, Ivanka, who is really the push for paid family leave at the Federal level.

You on the other hand, with an HRA score of 53% (which measures how faithful one is to the NH GOP Platform, showing you vote with Democrats almost as often as for Democrat ideals), a “C” rating from the NHLA (which measures how faithful one is to the idea of limited Government and enhancing Individual LIberty – you can’t make up your mind on these Principles), and a “bad” rating from Americans for Prosperity (which measures adherence to the idea of Free Markets), it is clear that you ARE a RINO that has no problem in growing government instead of leaving the private sector alone.

So, tell me – WHY should Govt be crowding out, yet again like Progressives have been doing for the last 120 years, what the Private Sector already offers? You can buy FML insurance policies any time you want – just ask Steve Duprey (and CVS just announced it is going to be offering it as a private corporation).

No, this is going to end up like Medicaid Expansion which is going to cost NH tax payers beaucoup bucks in the end – politicians are successful because they can get more votes than another person. It doesn’t mean they are good at math or actuarial analysis – this is already a bad ROI on an individual basis long term – if they happen to game the system, take their time early, and then opt out, its a GREAT idea!

ALso, tell me this, Representative – who many new state employees will have to be on the payroll to make this work? And from that, how many people will have to sign up at just 0.67% of their pay JUST to pay for that overhead (before any benefits can be paid)?

Or will you demand an Individual Mandate be put in place to make the numbers work? Looking at your scores, methinks the probability would be quite high.

He wants to grow Government yet THE staple belief of the Republican Party is supposed to be for a more limited Government; from the NH GOP Platform:

We, the people of the New Hampshire Republican Party, do stand united in our dedication to preserving freedom, limited government and unlimited opportunity for all.

We believe that the New Hampshire and United States Constitutions were written by our forefathers to limit our government, not our freedom.

He values neither clause as shown by his vote.

We believe in free people, free markets and free enterprise.

He values neither clause as shown by his vote. This is a direct attack on the Free Enterprise system as the marketplace already offers such products.  But he voted for a bill that will crowd them out by dint of the limitless amount of money it has (in comparison to such issuing companies) – and unlike private concerns, it can simply tax us more to make up for any shortfalls (which are surely in our future just like Medicaid Expansion).

We believe that economies flourish when all people retain as much of their hard earned income as possible, to spend and invest as they see fit.

He doesn’t value that clause – after all, HB628 gives you ONE shot to opt-out of a government program and to do so, demands that you carry out an onerous set of tasks to do so.  That’s ONLY if an employee knows about the possibility in the first place.

I could warp a few more in here but this suffices.

Sidenote: yes, I’m part of the reason RINOs keep wanting to water it down because I use it as the Measurement of Quality for someone who calls themselves Republican

No, Representative Morrison, you are in the wrong here. Expanding the size, reach, and cost of Government for a purpose already served by the private sector is wrong and you know that (being a “Republican” and all).  The fact that you’ve gone against it with your vote AND your very public comment here on the ‘Grok shows that you are a RINO indeed.

Tell you what – you want to retort, I’ll give you that chance for a guest post on trying to prove, via the NH Constitution and the NH GOP Platform, that pushing Government to do this really is a Conservative effort and that I’m the RINO (along with Steve and the rest of we Groksters) instead of you. You will have a heavy load to hoe in proving that “the Life of Julia” is a good way to go as you have helped to lay down the next step in that staircase.

And yes folks, I will be trying to restart the RINO of the Week Award that was so popular a few years ago.  After this, I think it is warranted – and Sean Morrison will be RINO #2 because I’m not done yet.