Have You Met Julia? - Granite Grok

Have You Met Julia?

Have you met Julia?  She’s you under the eternal reign of Obamanomics–as viewed from within the left wing ghetto.

From Red State

Over at Human Events, my colleague David Harsanyi writes “Who the hell is ‘Julia,’ and why am I paying for her whole life?” It’s a fair question. According to Obama’s campaign website, someone enrolls Julia into a Head Start program. The government provides her with contraception until she decides to have a child. She has no parents. She has no husband. She suckles the teet of government her whole life, from delivery room to death panel.

No one in Obama’s fantasy ever has to pay for anything and yet somehow everyone is provided for.  People in the real world have another name for this; prison.

How about another real world vision?  Life in poverty with a fatherless child or children scrabbling for crumbs from the maw of the bureaucracy?  A useless/hopeless feeling you try to sate with meaningless sex, having more children just so someone will stay with you and love you–until they push you away?  Hoping, maybe caring, that your child doesn’t turn to crime to improve their Obama-provided subsistence living, always wondering if they or you will become the victim of crime from others looking to do the same.

The criminals will be the only ones armed, the strongest will have the most.  The state might show up to file a report on your rape, robber, or beating that no one will read or care much about.  Obama’s vision is a two class system, and you are probably in the wrong one.

This is the current state of women in the underclass in Britain (and men), a product of the exact same fantasy as Obama’s Julia.  It doesn’t work.  it never has.