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Everyone Needs Goals, Beating the Keene Sentinel Online Is Ours

alexa traffic rank Sometimes you need the right goal to get people motivated. New Media is no different. So, in my quest to encourage more liking, sharing, tweeting, and writing, I went looking for a goal. Something we could work towards as a group. And I settled on our Alexa Rank.

What is Alexa Tracking and how did we stack up?

Alexa is a globally recognized tracking service that ranks sites based on traffic. No, it’s not Google, and yes, there are other ways to do it, but you have to pick one.

For the sake of our exercise, I chose a handful of websites in New Hampshire, including local media, and recorded their Alexa traffic rankings for both the US and Globally. The ranking is measured on every sites home page.

I then emailed the entire Grok crew and told them we already dominated most of the local blogs and sites (which didn’t surprise me). But there isn’t much motivation there so I explained that there was at least one local liberal newspaper we could catch up to if we worked at it. The Keene Sentinel. And to get to them, we need to finish off the Berlin Daily Sun (believe it or not).

So our goal is to improve our position from 10th on this list to 7th. Depending on how things shake out, we’ll look to move up again, but first things first.

The ranks below are for the past six months for all the websites and media outlets I checked, in New Hampshire, as of 1/2/2018. It is not meant to represent anything more than what it is. The current list of Alexa Traffic rankings for the purpose of setting a goal for our team. And just for fun, I added the NHGOP and NHDP sites for contrast.

Yes, if you want to get your message out, the media may look there, but almost no one else does. And in the internet world, that means something, especially when a bunch of troublesome bloggers has better traffic rankings than those media outlets.

‘No data’ means that Alexa did not have enough traffic information to provide a rank for those sites. In some tools, this appears as “unranked.”

And yes, you can help by visiting and expanding our reach by liking and sharing our content on social media to help us grow our audience.

Here’s the list (sorted by US Rank). Make of it what you will.

Site (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
WMUR 4,778 30,102
Union leader 11,942 58,558
SeacoastOnline 21,743 95,792
Fosters.com 31,189 156,649
Concord Monitor 35,498 174,895
NH1 36,835 238,547
Keene Sentinel 53,356 244,142
Berlin Daily Sun 58,393 381,351
GraniteGrok 73,950 331,870
Laconia Daily Sun 75,159 422,105
Salem Observer 96,246 373,971
Manchester Ink Link 116,432 465,027
Nashua Telegraph 144,363 607,225
Live Free or Die Alliance 172,276 769,689
AFP-NH 173,904 895,527
New Media Militia 189,731 897,635
Eagle Times 202,551 1,531,331
Free Keene 209,113 881,343
InDepthNH 304,360 1,233,516
Girard at Large 329,685 701,172
CNHT 347,507 1,890,923
The Cabinet Press 488,693 2,889,864
Josiah Bartlett 510,438 3,011,690
School Choice NH 665,203 1,997,082
Derry News no data 1,868,474
Weekend Pundit no data 3,236,802
NHDP no data 3,357,206
NHGOP no data 3,615,440
Miscellany Blue no data 3,836,299