Moms Demand Action are now Moms Demand Anti-Depressants: HR 38 Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 passed by US House

holstered-gun1(re: Moms Demand Action is really misnamed; it should be Hoplophobic Womyn Demand Complete Civilian Disarmament).

This is the bill that will allow those of us with NH Pistol / Revolver licenses to conceal carry anywhere in the US – no more having to study up where one can pack legally and no longer having to worry “er, what jurisdiction have I forgotten to study??” Neither will we in NH who have to go southward worry about the wall that is MA, CT, NY, or NJ which effectively act as a “Thou Shalt Not Pass” for guns.

No, this does not allow any prohibited person (e.g., felons, domestic violence, adjudicated to be mentally incompetent, et al) to just blithely walk about with a loaded handgun as many Democrats are wont to keep screeching like jay birds. Nope, you gotta be clean and you will have to get vetted per State RSA in order to get your license (fingerprinted, references), Negative – passage of our “Constitutional Carry” bill a while ago only works here and in similar States (like VT).  You wanna be packin’ elsewhere, you gotta get that piece of paper.  Only then will you be able to take advantage of this law…

Oh, our CongressCritters?  Both Kuster and Shea-Porter both voted against the application of the Second Amendment (especially that “shall not infringe” part) and said no to lawful people, who have been vetted by their States’ processes, to carry in other States).

Now, for those who were actually taught well, this is just the second step (the first is that it passed out of committee) – it now goes to the Senate.  There is a great fear that the Schumer-Cornyn-Feinstein “Fix-NICS” Senate bill is going to be merged into this.  Sounding rather minor, there is some fear that the Democrats will add bad stuff into it other than “the folks that should be on the NICS prohibited lists will be added” and turn it into a de facto gun control mechanism.  I can’t really tell for sure because folks I trust on both sides are holding those opposite views. I’ve also seen some speculation that the Reciprocity could get stripped out and then only the “Bad Fix-NICS” goes onward.

Personally, I’d rather see this skate onward by itself – the Republicans had better not screw this up.