Data Point – this is what happens when DC Republicans can’t/won’t do diddly squat

Sad, very sad and they’ve done it to themselves by looking like a bunch of crazed in-fighting Keystone Kops that can’t shoot vote straight:

Repubs looking poorly

Dreary doesn’t begin to cover it and I do believe this is a case of “Read my lips…” coming home to haunt the current crop of Stupid Partiers that didn’t do their homework (they only had 7 years, right?) in time to keep those 7 years of promises.  Why vote for chuckleheads again?

That last line?  Polls have also shown that Millenials are real partial to outright Socialism – and who is the Party that can’t tell what the difference is between themselves and Socialists?

(H/T: Hot Air)

by Skip

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