On this, I agree with Doug: Letter to the Editor

Regarding the solving of the recent rash of thefts in Belmont: First, kudos to the Belmont PD for a job well done in putting a stop to this particular situation. Unfortunately, the next steps, not so much, as we learned that, because they are juveniles, they weren’t even arrested. These criminals stole a firearm, among many other things. They should absolutely be arrested and charged with a FELONY. I don’t care that they are juveniles- what they did is serious and they deserve to pay a steep, memorable price. These were not some juvenile pranks — they literally terrorized this section of town. They — and their parents — should be forced to pay full restitution and some additional pain and suffering monies.

Also, their names should be released so that the neighbors know which area troublemakers to never trust. I fear that they will receive little to no punishment.

Doug Lambert

Stealing a firearm in a burglary and no arrest?  I also agree – if these suspects are minors, parents are responsible for them.  They have a role in this in making the victims whole if their offspring are convicted.  Oh wait – no arrest means no court means no conviction.

(H/T: Laconia Daily Sun)