Data Point – Energy costs for NH are high for a reason!

Looking at both gasoline and electric prices for the 48-contiguous states and weighting each the same shows that Louisiana and Oklahoma have the nation’s lowest prices for these two essential energy staples. Louisiana’s combined gasoline and electricity prices were 37 percent below the national average while Oklahoma enjoyed a discount of 33 percent below the national average.

Paying the most for electricity and gasoline were Connecticut and California, at 76 percent and 75 percent above the national average, respectively.

And here in NH?  Behold!  We’re not California or Connecticut but why the heck aren’t we more like Texas (or even Oregon)?

Combined gas and Electric costs as percent of American Average

With retail electric sales of

$381 billion in 2016 and some 143 billion gallons of gasoline sold the same year, the additional costs or savings adds up to tens of billions of dollars, depending on the state and its tax and regulatory policies. The American Conservative Union (ACU) analyzes the votes of state legislatures across the nation and compiles a useful state ranking, showing the adherence to conservative principles in each statehouse annually.

The decisive test for policy is how it benefits people. Conservatives believe that lower taxes, less regulation and more liberty leads to human flourishing. Liberals believe that bureaucrats and lawmakers should make many basic decisions, instead of responsible individuals.

Jeb Bradley was not available for comment…(heh!  or is that Arggghhhh!!!!).  Given that he’s been at the forefront of every electrical generation / distribution debacle for the last few years, I’m betting he’d just LOVE to hear from you.

(H/T: Fox News)