Catching up Part 1 – Hating Free Markets

Free MarketsWell, I am now, as they say, between opportunities.  So my time is going to be a bit more flexible.  Fortunately, I have a TON of bookmarks on stuff that I marked “use this” that I never got around to posting (perhaps a couple of years worth). Sorta like “reverse prepping” – couldn’t stockpile my time and now I have plenty!

Here’s a snippet from “Stossel” the Fox Biz News show that he left a while ago.  Here, he has a guest on that, well, shows that free markets should always have govt regulation:

Stossel: Think about it – in a free market, all of us can have what we want. Isn’t that better?

Chris Hahn, radio show host former advisor to US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

There is no such thing as a free market. If there was, we wouldn’t need so many regulations.

Spoken like a true Progressive that doesn’t trust others to make decisions for themselves.

I think irony escaped Hahn at the time.  The reason we don’t have truly Free Markets is that Govt has laid so many regulations on them, it almost like this.  Yet, Hahn wants to claim that if we did, we wouldn’t.  Yet it is folks like him that have destroyed them with regulations.

The tip-off is that he’s a Democrat operative and just the name of Chuckie sends daggers of pain through most free marketers.

The incoherence in his sentence is a “feature” and not a bug.