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Progressives like the word “sustainable”; with increases like this…

…the deliberately politically misnamed Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.  A few examples (abtracted, abridged, reformatted):

  • Alaska -state regulators approved a 39.6% rate increase for Moda Health
  • Alaska – state regulators approved a 38.7% hike for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Tennessee  – BlueCross BlueShield asked for and got a 36.3% boost in premiums.
  • Oregon – approved a 25.6% increase for Moda, the biggest insurer on its ObamaCare exchange.
  • Oregon – commissioner told Health Net to raise its premiums by 34.8% instead of the 9% the company had in mind.
  • Kansas – ObamaCare enrollees will face increases of up to 25.4%.
  • New Mexico – refused Blue Cross Blue Shield raising premiums enough to cover its costs; Blue Cross decided to pull out.

But then, it was NEVER to be affordable – it was always about control (as well as using an offshoot of the Cloward-Piven strategy to crash capitalism and replace it with a Socialist one).  I laugh (and then cry) hysterically any time the feminists and Democrat politicians say “nothing should get between a woman and her doctor!”.  For starters, Obamacare defines EVERYTHING that goes on between those two, and with increasing costs of healthcare, these folks have made sure, over time, that nothing will get between the two for the woman will not be able afford to even enter a doctor’s office.

And not even direct subsidies to entities that were supposed to be the Progressive nirvana of insurance companies to counter those nasty capitalist bad insurers (that effectively ended up being Crony Capitalists and not much more than “public utility” offshoots of the Obama Administration).  Like this:

On Wednesday, the Nevada Health Co-Op announced that it will go out of business at the end of the year. This is the third out of the 23 ObamaCare-created nonprofit health plans to fail, but it isn’t likely to be the last.

Another $3 billion about to swirl the drain when all the upfront monies are tabulated for all of the 23.

(H/T: IBD)