So, you want to elect a Racist to be President? Apparently, Hillary Clinton fits the bill

After all, if you are all out praising a Racist for what she’s done, how is that any different for Hillary and Sanger than what we are seeing with the current Scalise and the kerfuffle on speaking at a white supremacist group (or not, as the case is turning out to be), why can’t we hold Hillary to the same standard?

Abotion is RacistHillary: “there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her” –  like that Sanger’s major push for both contraception and abortion was aimed at those minorities and “disadvantaged” communities, Hillary?

Especially the “colored”, Hillary?  I really wonder how the “Ready for Hillary” PAC is going to smooth talk this double standard.  Or am I, once again, racist just for pointing this out?

And I’ll throw it out like Steve did – nothing but <crickets> on the Dems on former (and late) US Senator Robert Byrd, a real former KKK Kleagle (a recruiter)” and “Exalted Cyclops” (a leader of a local KKK group).  How much more racist can that be?  An active participant in its activities – and Scalise only talked to but was not a member of a “work-alike” group?

You are who your friends are – and who you proclaim your heroes are.

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)