Concord Monitor bias in abortion reporting? No mention of the Federal Government’s Ambassador to NH Jeanne Shaheen?

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Abortion - no choice(Thom­as Ken, 1674)     You betcha – the Concord Monitor (aka “Pravda on the Merrimack” for its support of just about all things Leftist and little on the Right) ran a story earlier last month about the absolute handwringing over that abortions in NH would soon – lose taxpayer funding.  Ah yes, like all Leftists, they continually rewrite the Christian doxology where their first line would be “Praise Government from Which all blessings flow” and the killing of unborn babies using tax money is certainly one of them.  Yet, notice that their Savior is completely missing from their parable but be sure, the Concord Monitor does identify their Devil (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Women’s health agencies and their supporters, including Gov. Maggie Hassan, are bracing for yet another attempt to strip state funding for Planned Parenthood and other groups that perform abortions.  Rep. Warren Groen, a Republican from Rochester, plans to introduce a bill that would “ban public funding going to any organization or group that does abortions or refers for abortions.” Groen filed a legislative service request for a bill “prohibiting the use of public funds for abortion services,” and he said it’s currently being drafted. Groen said he has a long history of opposing abortion and has assisted crisis pregnancy centers.

And I agree with Warren – I am solidly a pro-life Evangelical Christian and to me, abortion is anathema.  Yes, I told the docs at the time of the Eldest’s and Youngest’s births that under the worst scenario, save the life of TMEW (The Most Esteemed Wife) – the “physical life of a mother is in immediate and dire danger”.  Certainly this is FAR different than abortion on demand simply as a case of “retroactive contraception” or the unwillingness to face up to the logical conclusion to a decision (and NOT the “punishment” that Prez Obama once said).

And I RESENT my tax monies being used for the murder of the unborn – that is sin.  This is not a “public good”.

And the Legislators working on this should be.

“Imagine how poverty-stricken the state has to be, when in order for women to get health care they have to reach out to an organization that kills babies for a living?” Groen said. “How poverty-stricken do you have to be? That’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.”  This issue is nothing new. Groen was one of several legislators who backed a previous attempt to do essentially the same thing. Introduced in 2011, that bill – with a title that was near-identical to the current one – passed the House of Representatives the following year but was tabled in the Senate. Funding for Planned Parenthood has also been the subject of recurring debate in the Executive Council.

What – the Monitor couldn’t even be “fair and balanced” to report the real history?  That the Executive Council before this with a majority of Republicans DENIED funding to go to Planned Parenthood of New England?  Now why would the Monitor do that?  Oh, yeah, to better identify their chosen Devil – after all, there are Democrats on that Exec Board.

During her campaign for re-election, Hassan repeatedly underscored her support for abortion access and warned against future attempts to undermine women’s reproductive care.  Now that she’s secured her seat for another two years, she’s gearing up to oppose measures like Groen’s. An email from her campaign, sent to supporters Tuesday afternoon, tried to drum up signatures for a petition: “Tell the far right to keep their hands off funding for women’s health services!”

And that is the nub of the issue: funding.  Once again, we see the Progressive / Democrat all too willing to pervert and redefine the language for a secular anti-Christian message: “access“.  There is no limitation to “access” – if some female wants an abortion, no one is stopping here – abortion is legal in NH.  It can happen.

But “access” (just like “access to contraception”) no longer means just that – though the Democrats want you to think that.  Instead, “access” is now merely a euphemism for “other peoples’ money” – tax money.  Abortions should be free, dontcha know – in accordance with the Marx’s admonition “according to their need” (remember, Progressives are just slow motion Socialists while Communists want their takeover done and over quick – and almost all Democrats are Socialists nowadays when you compare their ideology to outright Socialists or Fascists).

Another email from Hassan’s campaign yesterday morning said that “more than 1,700” had joined the effort and encouraged supporters to continue to spread the word on the issue. The Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund PAC endorsed Hassan in both her 2012 and 2014 gubernatorial bids.

Seventeen hundred, eh?  Boy, if they were to pony up out of their OWN pockets, and the wallets of their families and friends, just THINK about all that money they could raise for that “access“. That’s the way is used to be, here in America – neighbors, friends, and loved ones helping those considered to be “of need”.  PRIVATE action for private results.  Solve a problem within Civil Society (and not from “Praise Government…”).

You know – do it the REAL way, do it the HARD way of holding out your own hand.  If they really believe in this, hold your heads up high and ask for the money yourselves from individuals.  Not just a bunch of politicians, especially those conditioned that the purpose of Government is no longer to protect our Liberties but to be merely year round Santa Clauses: “What can I give you today (after hovering it out of somebody elses’ pocket instead of your own)”?

No, they won’t – BECAUSE THEY ARE SELFISH.  THEY ARE LAZY.  They won’t take care of “this need” themselves – they only agitate for others to pull their wagon. They care only enough to get someone else to actually do the work.  But then they get to feel good about themselves – and isn’t that all that Progressives care about?  Certainly not about those that disagree with them for that is NOT the Progressive way – they will force everyone to care (no exceptions). Everyone all in – and they will FORCE you to be in and you will have no choice in the matter.   It truly is a Borg mentality.And herein comes their Savior:

Frizzell said the money Planned Parenthood of Northern New England receives from the state and federal government pays for “preventative care like family planning, cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing” and other services outside of abortion. Dalia Vidunas, executive director of the Concord Feminist Health Center, said all abortions at her agency are funded either by the patient or donations that have been specifically allocated for those services.

Abortions as a percentage of the center’s overall services have been on the decline in recent years, she said – she estimates they make up about 30 percent. The health center sees about 2,000 patients a year, Vidunas said. Because of the money it received from the state, Vidunas said, the center has been able to hire an outreach worker to visit schools and other organizations to talk about family planning options – “from abstinence up through different methods of birth control.”

Yeah, we’ve blogged about how “abstinence friendly” Planned Parenthood is – NOT!  No, they have an anti-Christian sense of morality – everyone and anything goes; age, development, morality, marital status be damned in their pursuit of the completely sexual libertine Utopia.  After all, WE’VE got the answer for “the Obama punishment” after you’ve listened to us. But I digress.

NOWHERE in this story was Jeanne Shaheen mentioned.  Not once.  Not even a tiny mention.  Yet, in this whole thing, she did play a very pivotal role.  Going back to the time that the duly and lawfully NH Executive Council made the decision to not let a contract out to PPNE.  Not a dime.  A perfectly lawful decision.  Yet Jeanne Shaheen, the Federal Government’s Ambassador to NH (then, as now) made the decision that she would override that local decision.  She decided that the notion of Federalism, a major pillar of our Republic, meant nothing at all.  She directly disregarded the local will of the people, as Progressives do, disregarded the expressed will of the duly elected representatives of the State of New Hampshire.

And regardless of what you think of Abortion, PPNE, Maggie Hassan, or anything else, WHY did the Concord Monitor fail to mention this rather egregious breach of self-government.  Why SHOULD she have been able to just redirect $5 million of Federal dollars, seemingly at her whim of vexation, to overrule that decision?

Is this something that the Concord Monitor this is “of no account”?  That this should be the “norm of governance” in that when a local State makes “a bad decision” that it should be overhauled and corrected?

Er, Concord Monitor, where does our Constitutions (be they the US or our NH one) state that is something that the Federal Government should do and the State allow?  Where is the “Separation of State and Federal” then supposed to happen?  After all, I’m quite sure which side of the divide you are on this issue of “Church and State” given my use of the word “sin”, right?

So, why did they refuse to name their Savior of Abortion Funding past – Jeanne Shaheen, erstwhile Senator (D) from NH?  Or is she their version of “concealed carry”?

But I also come back to my main theme – private vs public monies?  I noticed that the Concord Monitor was all over helping out young ones for Christmas, asking others to donate presents for kids.  Why not asking for help for babies – for their lives?