Breaking: NH GOP State Senators give NH GOP base a big F. U. with Bradley / MorseCare


With Republicans split over the matter, the GOP-led New Hampshire Senate passed a measure Wednesday that would effectively expand Medicaid by providing health insurance to an additional 58,000 of some of the state’s poorest residents.

…The bill passed 18-5. All five votes against came from Republicans. State Sen. Peter Bragdon, R-Milford, didn’t vote citing a potential conflict of interest with his employer.

…On the other hand those in the Republican base and grassroots opposed the measure saying that it is an expansion of government and have concerns the federal government couldn’t be counted on to continue to fund the program in the future.

As the measure was being discussed nearly 10 local Republican committees passed resolutions expressing their displeasure with the bill.

But ONLY 5 against.  We’ll get the roll call later on.


by Skip

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