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Data Point – See that little speck of blue?

economic-freedom-na-mapYeah – there:

That would be the “Free State” of New Hampshire – 18th most economically free “sub-national jurisdiction” in North America (out of 60).

Even as Progressives are bound and determined to make the States completely subservient to the Federal Government Washington DC (even as much of the fight over the Constitution was to keep that from happening – see what happens when our schools no longer teach history??), we see that what happens in the States still has a big effect on their citizens.

It all comes down to “who is in control” and “who gets to decide what I can do” – the essence of Freedom. 

One note: in a lot of studies, NH gets hammered, for its size, for the gawdawful number of licensing boards and committees and samesuch.  Frankly, most of them are a waste of time and money and we’ve blogged about some of the stupidity that causes citizens simply looking to work “simple” jobs having to spend thousands of dollars and hours for no real result except to keep the “barrier of entry” high for those “already in the club”.

If those could be wound back, perhaps, just to those professions where it really makes sense, we just might start to see an economy “go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat” arrive.

(H/T: Dan Mitchell)