Part 3 - Staying At Martha’s Motel and School of Drive By Voting: Bryan Gregory Griffith - Granite Grok

Part 3 – Staying At Martha’s Motel and School of Drive By Voting: Bryan Gregory Griffith

Martha's Motel Martha Fuller Clark home to out of state vote stealersAs Grokster Steve pointed out here:

When asked about the legitimacy of their domicile status, Clark said:

“By and large, the young people who stayed with me were committed to New Hampshire, but given their age, whether they intended to stay is impossible to predict.”

Talk about a total BS answer.  State Senator Clark was housing professional campaign workers who do not live here but voted here.  Who very likely voted for her and every other Democrat up and down that ticket.  Then they left because that is why they came.  To vote for Democrats.

When one looks at the Portsmouth check list / voting list, here is NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark:  Martha Fuller Clark residence, 152 Middle St. Portsmouth.  Which is fine – that is her legal residence.

Sidenote: As opposed to a secondary or tertiary “Mobile Domicile”, brought to us courtesy of  Judge Lewis’s signature on the NH ACLU’s adaptation of Burger King’s “We want it our Progressive Voting way” DBZVV (“Drive By Zombie Voter Vehicle”) Title order put into Lewis’s seemingly willing hands.  That’s right, they wrote the hole into the Voting ID act that single handedly created these Zombie Voters: lumber in, drop a few body parts on a ballot, and lumber away, never to be seen again.).  It also seems that like every Progressive outfit in the State is as scared of people having to show ID to prove that they DO live here AND that they are who they say they are just about as much as Unions will do ANYTHING to ensure that there is a law forcing union members dues to be taken out of their pay before it goes into their bank accounts.  How is one like the other? They are the base of Power for each – Zombie Votes and forced dues; each is scared witless that their jigs are all but up.  So each supports the other in a stupendously incestuous Circle of Progressive-Back-Scratching-Progressive Life.

However, as Steve points out, there were a number of others that have been residing at the Martha Motel.   Or should we think of it as Martha’s Home for Wayward Progressive Voter Cheats? Either / Or – same deal.  And Steve already talked about Andrea Marie Riccio.  Well, here’s another of Martha Fuller Clark’s “special snowflakes” – meet  Bryan Gregory Griffith

Also residing at 152 Middle St. Portsmouth according to the Portsmouth Checklist, here’s a wee bit of info on this person who seemingly found himself far afield from home:

Age: 26, born in 1986.
Address: (note – it could also be in Little Rock, Arkansas)

115 Rogers Dr.
Bryant, AR 72022- 3134
Saline County
Bryant, AR from 2004 to 2010

Profession: Lawyer (graduate of William H. Bowen School of Law, 5/19/12 – no honors)
License: State of Arkansas
Year: 2012
License Status: Authorized to practice
Last updated by Avvo 11/12/2012

I verified that 2012 license date (see The Arkansas Lawyer Fall / Vol 47 No. 4 2012 Edition  p 8, listing of recently admitted lawyers to the Arkansas BAR in October 2012).  I wanted to see more about that Avvo – found this:

Bryan Gregory Griffith on BOOMRaterR powered by AVVO

Political Associations:

Warwick Sabin, AR State Representative
ACLU Arkansas

Vote on 11/6/2012: Did not vote in Arkansas (thus, not a double dipper)

Verifying Agent:

Saline County Election Clerk Office
215 North Main, Suite 9 Benton, AR 72015
Fax: 501-776-2412
Contacted: 3/4/13

He’s on LinkdIn, too:

Bryan Griffith

Recent law school graduate with a background in politics and an interest in Political and Election Law

Little Rock, Arkansas (Little Rock, Arkansas Area)
Law Practice

Field Organizer

Organizing for America

August 2012Present (1 year)

• Recruited, trained, motivated, and managed extensive volunteer network, in part by identifying and cultivating volunteer team leaders who assisted in executing daily activities including phone banks, canvasses, and data entry, ultimately building to a four-day Get Out The Vote effort that utilized several hundred volunteers to contact several thousand potential voters in the four towns to which I was assigned.
• Worked toward and met lofty numerical goals while also setting goals for and holding volunteers accountable.
• Maintained data integrity, utilized social media for community organizing, nurtured relationships with community leaders, planned and executed events and trainings, managed two interns, amongst other duties as an organizer

Am not too sure how that date above works – depends on when the last update happened (and no, did not look at his full profile as I’m not in LinkdIn).  But it is clear that he lives and is a LAWYER in Arkansas with “interest in Political and Election Law“- would that mean that he has more than a basic understanding of voting laws – seeing that he is associated with both a State Representative as a Field Director as well as having been associated with the Arkansas ACLU?  Great Democrat credentials (a budding political operative), indeed.  But I do wonder what the Arkansas BAR is going to think of this – this goes beyond the demonstration of what the James O’Keefe Project Veritas vidoes.  They only wanted to see if voter fraud was possible – here, he registered to vote even as his legal residence (and his “life”) belongs in Arkansas.  “committed to New Hampshire”, as NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark maintains?  Hardly – and I do wonder what his “check out” time from Martha’s Motel was?

“Maintained data integrity” – the hanging question is, of course, how about just plain “integrity”?