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Look Who Is Against Democrat Background Check Bill

New Hampshire Democrats attacked Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte’s vote on the background check bill by supporting the out of state anti-gun money Gun Rights winspent by New York City Mayor while bringing someone from Connecticut here to tell us how we need to support the same kinds of laws for New Hampshire that failed in Connecticut–as if we couldn’t make that choice for ourselves.

Well someone has a message for those New Hampshire Democrats and Mayor Bloomberg…

The mayor of New York City is running ads against me because I opposed President Obama’s gun control legislation. Nothing in the Obama plan would have prevented tragedies like Newtown, Aurora, Tucson or even Jonesboro. I’m committed to finding real solutions to gun violence while protecting our Second Amendment rights.

Who said it?

Democrat US Senator Mark Pryor, who up until the 2012 cycle at least, had not received any money from the NRA.  Now he’s not from New Hampshire, but according to New Hampshire Democrat rules, that doesn’t matter.

And I know, no one sneaked him into a town-hall meeting or anything where he wasn’t even supposed to be to put on a show for the assembled media, but he is a sitting Democrat Senator, who supports a wide range of crazy left wing ideas so he’s not exactly what you’d call a moderate.

Meanwhile, back in NH, the #NRAyotte crowd (and its a very small crowd) continues their social-media circle-jerk, re-tweeting each others tweets in an effort to make it look like their is a groundswell of support for imposing laws on the granite state that failed to stop the very crimes for which they claim to need them elsewhere.

So are they all in? From May 3rd.

The New Hampshire Democrat party is all-in on their background-check thing.  They’ve got out of state money, out of state influence, out of state victims as props… So I guess this is pretty important to New Hampshire Democrats then?  And to hear them talk, it is mighty important to New Hampshire citizens as well.  Or is that just talk?

Can we expect every Democrat in the state at every level run for reelection on this issue?  Will every New Hampshire Democrat running for office  in 2014 put background checks at the top of every palm cards, flyer, mailer, and campaign web-site?

If New Hampshire citizens are behind this idea to the degree that New Hampshire Democrats claim, (just ask them, ‘everyone is talking about it’), then you’ll be running strongly on this issue, in all 400 house races, and all 24 state Senate races, the Governors race, plus the US Senate and Congressional races?

New Hampshire Democrats are cowards.  You think we need enhanced background checks?  Submit an LSR.  Get a bill on the the docket.  And I think #BloombergRayBuckley and #OutofStateInfluenceSullivan should run every democrat in the state on this issue. It’s.  That.  Important. According to their rhetoric it is.  But sine when did left wing rhetoric ever align with reality?

Keep in mind that while they are doing their song and dance the lawful purchase of guns and ammo continue to soar, people are signing up to learn how to safely use their new firearms, and next door in Maine their state Senate just rejected a gun-show background check bill.

Note to wacky New Hampshire Democrats;  When you buy a gun at a gun show in New Hampshire you already have to fill out the paperwork for a…wait for it…background check.

Has anyone bothered to tell Congresswoman Shea-Porter that yet or will you just let her stumble out on to another local morning show to repeat the talking point narratives given her by Washington DC.  This is clearly the case, as she has no clue what the law is in New Hampshire, which suggests that she is not In DC to defend the laws in New Hampshire.  She is in DC to impose Federal laws upon us whether we need them or not.  Just like the New Hampshire Democrat party. I guess that makes her just another out of state influence, doesn’t it.

New Hampshire Democrats are more interested in DC Political theater than what works in the Granite State.  Out of state money, out of state influence, out of state ideas.  Ayotte was right.  The Democrats are wrong.  But if they really believe this is right for New Hampshire, they will all run on it in the next elecetion…