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Bette Midler California Bag Ban – No, It’s Not About Plastic Surgery

If ever you needed proof that some celebrities are dopes then the recent effort by a cast of millionaire limousine liberals to help pass a state wide bag ban in California should serve.  No, it’s not a bill to require plastic surgery, it would make the misnamed single use plastic grocery bag extinct across the left-coast utopia.   But despite Hollywood has-been Bette Midler leading the charge the bill fell three-votes short in the state legislature.

Midler, who prefers the state force consumers to use the bacteria collecting, non-recyclable, foreign made “reusable” bags, was less than pleased by the result.

LA Times

In a statement to The Times after the vote, Midler was critical of the legislators who voted against the bag ban. “Plastic bags are a scourge to the planet and everything that tries to live on it,” Midler said. “Shame on them all for caving.”

So the folks that voted for it didn’t “cave” to political pressure from a group of ill-informed, special interest millionaires, with  loads of social media followers and very high public profiles? Neat how that works isn’t it?

Someone might also want to check and see if The Divine Miss M owns stock in laundry detergent, which would see a notable rise in sales as a result of the Milder bag ban mandate–assuming people actually wash them at all.  Does Midler know that you need to wash these things after each use?  How many millions of bags would be in circulation, in need of weekly washing Bette!? And wouldn’t that use up precious natural resources, millions more gallons of water each year, put more stress on the municipal water and sewer systems, and waste energy to handle the increased load of well, bigger and more frequent loads?

There are, of course, those who will not bother or be bothered to wash their state mandated unrecyclable foreign made replacements, having never learned about cross-contamination or food borne illnesses in left-wing union controlled public schools where meatless Monday’s are all the rage and soda, American flags, and opposition to left-wing shibboleths are verboten.  So we’d naturally have to expect a significant rise in Midler Bag-ban related food poisonings, particularly among lower income Californians, complete with the costs associated with adding a significant strain to California’s struggling health care system, and more health care garbage into the waste stream, much of which contains significantly more plastic than the so-called single use grocery bag.

(We could always shuffle the overflow off to California’s embrionic stem cell research center where the only thing they have discovered is how much money you can waste before realizing all the cures are coming from adult stem cells.)

Add to that the exhaust from fossil fuel burning ambulance and car trips to the nearest health facility,  across crumbling California roads and bridges, forcing longer wait times for other people who are injured or sick for reasons other than because they listened to people like….Bette Midler.

But why would Midler or any of the other upper-class Hollywood hacks give a damn about that as long as they can be seen promoting a stupid, backwards idea that all their liberal friends just know is the smart thing to do.   They’ll never have to wash their own stuff, or wait for health care–nor get kicked off their insurance plan or feel the stress of having to pay exponential increases in premiums as a result of other stupid left-wing ideas embraced by liberal ass-hats.

An LA Democrat who opposed the bill, which is ironic considering that LA banned the recyclable bags already, said passing the ban would cost 500 jobs in his district, many of them single immigrant moms.  A pro ban legislator responded.

Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), the bill’s author, countered that working families are already paying a cost as government agencies have to spend money removing bags littering beaches, streets and the oceans.

But aren’t those all good government paying jobs Alex?

And let’s remember that you are part of what may well be the most taxing, debt-ridden, inefficient state government in the nation.  It is the liberal utopia in real life, complete with all the  lazy liberal pigs who can’t pick up after themselves; banning recyclable grocery bags will not have any effect on the cost burden to taxpayers, as if you actually gave a damn about that in the first place.

There are probably 1000 things California could do to reduce the tax burden, create jobs and growth, that begin with the state government doing less.   Why don’t you focus on that instead of forcing more state-sanctioned burdens on your citizens and your infrastructure at the behest of well-heeled, has-been enviro-harpies who have had no connection to reality for decades and have clearly not thought about what they are actually supporting.