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UK Citizens Overwhelmingly Want A Repeal Of Handgun Ban

“We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?”   —Joseph Stalin

parliament_000UK Mail Online’s James Slack reported on the soaring gun violence sweeping the country.  Slack wrote in his article entitled, “Culture of violence: Gun crime goes up by 89% in a decade,”

“Gun crime has almost doubled since Labour came to power as a culture of extreme gang violence has taken hold…In some parts of the country, the number of offences has increased more than five-fold.”

The UK Home Office figures for that period showed the total number of firearm offenses in England and Wales had increased from 5,209 in 1999 to 9,865 in 2009… An alarming rise in gun violence for a whopping 89 per cent.

In other parts of the UK, gun crime increased more than five-fold.  The numbers spur fears that police struggling to get their hands around gang-related violence, where  firearm possession has become common. London Police  revealed at that time, armed patrols were active on many London streets…Police Officers armed with sub-machine guns conducting routine policing for the first time, Reports Mail Online.

That was over three and a half years ago.

Those real numbers came before the high profile bugger and ponce Piers Morgan began polluting American television with his pablumesque noise and prattle.

Like here in America, the UK has its’ very own anti-gun zealots who want to ban the guns and damn the consequences. Mick North, Ian Taylor and Rob Hornsby of InferTrust come first to mind. And like here, the UK has had its share of mass shootings.

But idiots like Piers Morgan are an abberation when we talk about our friends across the pond. Adam Christopher Shaw wrote in the American Thinker in January 2013, “I’m British and Piers Morgan is Damn Wrong.

Many Americans, since the Sandy Hook massacre, have been disgusted by Piers Morgan’s snooty condescension toward their great country, and his blatant disregard for the Second Amendment. This culminated in his recent interview with talk show host Alex Jones, that ultimately backfired when his fiery guest wiped the floor with him.

Since the shooting, Morgan has strutted around as the flag waver for gun control, pointing to his native Great Britain as the ultimate example of what these dumb, gun-toting Yanks should try and imitate. Not only did he use Britain constantly in his scathing editorial against American gun laws, but also repeatedly pointed Alex Jones towards the supposed low gun murder rate in the United Kingdom.

As a fellow Englishman living in America, there is no reason I should not be on Morgan’s side. I have spent most of my life in Britain — the supposed gun-free paradise. While I respect the American Constitution I have no particular reason to be persuaded of an argument just because there is an amendment allowing it; and coming from a country where even the police are unarmed, it can seem excessive to English eyes when Americans claim that military assault rifles like the AR-15 are for self defense.

And yet I can say with confidence that Piers is being either intellectually dishonest, or downright ignorant, if he believes that the USA should imitate the diabolical disaster that has been British gun control.

Shaw continues on to completely disassemble Piers Morgan in the January American Thinker piece.

Finally, on May 24, The UK Telegraph featured a “New Law Competition” where readers could weigh in and vote for private legislation. Under Commons rules, any Member of Parliment can introduce a bill, but only a few are ever debated. The ballot to decide which members get time for such debates was held on Thursday. James Wharton, the MP for Stockton South, came top of the ballot and the readers of telegraph did not disappoint, and provided  a plethora of conepts.

Of the six most prominent concepts there was one that found overwhelming support: Repeal the ban on hand guns and re-open shooting clubs,  “After all, why should only criminals be ‘allowed’ to possess guns and shoot unarmed, defenceless citizens and police officers?”

UK Handgun_ban

Finally, as the leader of a 900-member Club whose activities prominently feature firearms and ranges, We have a number of members who come from the UK. I should talk about these folks because they give true form to the context of how draconian UK gun laws really are. These particular members, own very many guns, something they can never do in the UK. When they use our ranges, they are some of the safest, most conscientious users we have. Finally, the conversation invariably underscores how great our gun laws and freedoms truly are.  So I can tell you, Piers Morgan is not a representative sample of our friends and family from across the pond.

UK citizens have been subjected to ridiculous amounts of crime, partly because of their laws that often make defending ones’ self a crime, but also the lack of firearms with which one might use to defend ones’ self.