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Shaheen Received Money from IRS Employees Union

Open Secrets identifies the National Treasury Employees Union, which covers the IRS, as Liberal.  Go figure?

They only donate to Democrats, which includes New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, according to this recent press release…

Senate Democrats received more than $570,000 from IRS Union

Washington, D.C. – This week news broke that Senate Democrats were guilty of pressuring the IRS to target many of the conservative groups that the embattled agency now stands accused of doing.  But, a closer look reveals further evidence of Jeanne Shaheen’s feigning outrage: Shaheen was reaping the benefits from Democrats’ close relationship with the IRS, receiving $5,000 from the IRS Employees Union.

“While Democrats were pushing the IRS to target conservatives and other political enemies, their campaigns benefited from more than half a million dollars in campaign contributions from the IRS union,” said NRSC Communications Director Brad Dayspring. “After years of pressuring the IRS to crackdown on their political opponents, Jeanne Shaheen and her Democratic colleagues must be honest with taxpayers and return the IRS union’s contributions immediately.”

Senator Shaheen has been backtracking, back-peddling, disavowing any partisanship on the 501(c)(4) IRS scandal, but given how partisan she is, that’s hard to swallow.  you’d be hard pressed to find her supporting the rights of TEA party groups anywhere, let alone New Hampshire.

So would you be surprised to know that she isn’t the only hyper-partisan New Hampshire Democrat who has taken issue with third party issue advocacy and targeted TEA Party groups (though  not in writing to the IRS–that we are aw are of) and has also taken money from their union.

Ann Kuster has received at least $5,000.00 dollars from the same liberal union, while Carol Shea-Porter, who called us all Tea-baggers way back when,  has received at least $10,000.00 from them.  I know Shea-Porter has made some noise about the IRS scandal, not sure about McKluster.

I wonder if it’s patriotic to take donations from the IRS union for your political campaign?  It must be.  The donations come from public employees who are paid with taxes, and if paying your taxes is patriotic well…

2012 Kuster, Ann Mclane (D-NH)$4,000

2010 Kuster, Ann Mclane (D-NH)$1,000

2012 Shea-Porter, Carol (D-NH)$4,000

2010 Shea-Porter, Carol (D-NH)$1,000

2008 Shea-Porter, Carol (D-NH)$5,000

They sure are getting their monies worth.  All that cash from the union for their campaigns while the IRS prevented or suppressed political opposition that would have favored Democrat opponents?

That almost sounds like the end of a Master Card Ad.


Supported Liberal campaigns for years.

Gave thousands to Democrat Candidates.

Suppressed TEA Party Opposition to ensure their election….priceless.