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Later This Week When It Warms Up…

Spring In Upstate new York taken 5-26-13 - 3 feet of snow
Spring In Upstate new York taken 5-26-13 – 3 feet of snow

By the end of this week New England will be back to being warm again.  When that happens, I’d like all the climate denier-deniers to remember that yesterday parts of the North East got three feet of snow.  That Alaska is having a winter several weeks longer than average.  That nationally, temperatures are down.  That globally temperature have been flat for 16 years and may be declining.  That I don’t feel all that comfortable putting any plants outside after June 1st for fear we might still be at risk for a very cold night or two.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s just weather.

It’s always just been the weather.  It’s not global warming.  It is not ‘Climate Change’ –not in the Orwellian re-definition of the phrase, at least.  It is just the weather.  And we’ve wasted billion, perhaps trillions globally, in this mad attempt to convince people that it is something else.  Billion and trillions wasted on a vanity project started by the second dumbest Vice President in modern history, Al Gwhore.  Wasted in the name of an ideological fraud perpetrated to enrich government, politicians, lobbyists, and special interests, all on the notion that if we le them take enough of our money, they can do something about the weather.

The only thing these people will ever do with the weather is to keep using it to scare you so they can take more of your money.  You are being serially mugged by crooks and liars.