"Diversity" under Swedish socialism: It's great! (And could this happen in New Hampshire?) - Granite Grok

“Diversity” under Swedish socialism: It’s great! (And could this happen in New Hampshire?)

After five straight nights of rioting and arson in Stockholm, Sweden—the rioters always being described as “disaffected youths”—someone says “In Sweden you’ve got welfare, access to [picture follows!]…

…the educational system up to university level…you have access to public transport, libraries, healthcare, to everything. And still they feel that they need to riot through stones and Molotov cocktails.” And as an extra added attraction, no one has guns! Gee, could it get any better? And who is this “they”? Why, it’s Muslim immigrants who hate Europeans as well as European society, laws, and culture! Quel surprise!

You can read all about the five days of rioting HERE.

And then reflect…could this happen in New Hampshire? The Live Free or Die, Free State of New Hampshire? Where everyone has at least one gun (except for crazy people and Democrats…but I repeat myself). Would we ever have to put up with something along the lines of this, with Molotov cocktails?



Not likely…not for more than a few MINUTES, at least.

In New Hampshire, molon labe, all you “disaffected youths.”